Combo Apps/The MarbleCam Glitch

Mushroom Marble

I haven’t done Marble Monday in awhile so I wanted to bring it back. Well I download MarbleCam and started to play with the app. After I did this edit with a mushroom a bad glitch or bug happened with this app. I’ll give you the break down of what happened…

Recently Added-664

I load up the app like I normally do and check my settings.

Recently Added-665

Next I load up another mushroom photo to make another marble image. But before I loaded this mushroom photo, the glitch already had happened and I had to shut off the app in the background. This is how I loaded the second mushroom photo. By the way the mushroom photos were given to me by Itha Dominguez. She had the same glitch problem too. She also knows I like mushroom photos and shot some for me to play with…so shout out to her !!!

Recently Added-660

This is the glitch, after you save or want to load a different photo. You get this nice black with white strip screen. This was really annoying because in order for me to use the app. I have to turn off the app in the background and start again.

Mushroom Marble Demo

I managed to save these two photos. Of course the glitch happened when I tried to load a new photo again. I’m really disappointed and want this problem fixed. The only I know how is write a blog post about it and see if any of you guys out there have the same problem as me. Other things I’m hoping are the developer will put in higher resolution saves and the ability to remove the iAds. I’m willing to pay to take the iAds off and higher resolution save…since the last update was over two years ago. It’s really a pet peeve of mine when an app does’t work properly, even if the app is FREE !!!

Marble Tree

However, there is another app you can check out called CrystalBall Lens. There is a paid version and free version. The free version has an upgrade to PRO in-app purchase. It’s also universal to the iPad. The resolution saves are about the same as MarbleCam but you have some different controls. You also don’t have where one is right side up and the other is up side down trick going on. I’m hoping the developer will update this app too.

So if you have MarbleCam, it’s time to write a review or blast this out on Twitter…same thing with CrystalBall Lens.

That’s all I have to say, so see you soon and stay tuned for the update.

Mushroom Crystal Ball


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One Response to Combo Apps/The MarbleCam Glitch

  1. Ithalu says:

    I have the same problem with the app! 😔

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