Combo Apps/Anycase Tripod Mount

anycase mini 2

So let’s talk about the anycase tripod adapter, what I got here is acMini2 model. It’s the smaller version of the original anycase mount. It’s more compact and literally fits in the palm of your hand (shown in the photo above). I’ve read raving reviews about the original product. I’ve been waiting to get my hands on one of these for sometime. Finally I got one and in my hot little hand !!!!

iPhone 6+ Hanging Again

I want you to look at the, as you can see the anycase actually fits with my Otterbox Symmetry case on. I’m holding it up my iPhone 6+ and taking the photo with my old 4S. The adapter fits TIGHT but not so tight that will damage or scratch up your iPhone.

iPhone 6+  Hanging

Here’s a side view shot of my iPhone 6+ holding in place with the anycase tripod adapter. You can get an idea how much room you have to work with the acMini2.

Anycase Pads

This is why the anycase stays on tight on your iPhone because of the pads. The white tip on the screw is soft too, so the screw won’t scratch up the case or the back of you iPhone.

Anycase Screw Hole

You also have extra standard screw holes so you can mount your iPhone 6+ horizontally. This is a very ingenious design in my opinion because it can be a pain in the ass to take out your iPhone and re-adjust it all back in place for a few shots.


My overall opinion on anycase acMini2 is this…the tripod adapter lives up to the hype. It’s very well constructed, designed, made in the USA and fits in my pocket. You can’t go wrong with this tripod adapter. The acMini2 sells for $29.95 on Amazon and the anycase webpage. You can still get the other anycase tripod adapter on Amazon too. Now if you don’t have an iPhone. No problem you can use anycase with most smartphones with a case. So this will work with Samsung and Windows Phones. I do not recommend you use this adapter with you iPad or iPad mini. They do make and sell an adapter for the iPad and iPad mini…so check out the shop.

If you do decide you want to pick up anycase tripod adapter, you can type in this code anycasePRO and get 20% off. You can only get this discount through and not through Amazon. You can follow anycase on Instagram @anycase. I want to thank Steve Boehmke for sending me the acMini2 to write a review. If you have any questions please leave comments or you can email me Have a great day and see you soon !!!



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