Combo Apps/Guest Tutorial – Itha Dominguez

Itha Dominguez

I wanted to share a very beautiful and simple edit done by Itha Dominguez. She showed me something really amazing with what she can do with her charcoal art work mixed with her mobile editing skills. I asked her to send me how she did the edit, so I can post it.

Photo Viva by Itha Dominguez

Itha took a normal flower shot with her iPhone 5S. Then transfered her photo with PhotoSync onto her iPad mini. After that she loaded the photo on PhotoViva. You can see on her screen shots step by step with what brushstrokes she used to paint out the background. All you have left is the purple flower.

Butterfly by Itha Dominguez

Itha sent this to me while we were chatting. She’s a graphic artist, so you can see her charcoal blending skills on paper. She shot how she uses a charcoal blender to make the butterfly. I’m amazed with the details and her skills.

Union by Itha Dominguez

Next Itha loads her flower art done with PhotoViva as the background on Union first. Then loads the butterfly drawing as the foreground on Union second. Next she blends the two images together. After that she gets what she likes, she saves her image and move onto the next app.

Mextures by Itha Dominguez

Last Itha loads the image onto Mextures to add a little depth to the image. She shows what layers are applied on top of her image.

For Me by Itha Dominguez

Here is the final image she made for me…makes me smile inside. I will have a list of all the app Itha used for this tutorial. You can follow Itha on Instagram @itha_mar and @itha_m.

App List:

PhotoSync – $2.99
PhotoViva – $1.99
Union – $1.99
Mextures – $1.99

If you have an questions about this blog post please leave comments, you can also email me Have a nice evening and I’m off to bed !!!



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