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Aerograph Root Head

Aerography is a really cool and brings something new to the able in mobile art editing. It’s a cross between PhotoTropedeic, PixelWakker and Graffiti ME! all rolled into one app.

*The top image was edited with Aerography.*

Recently Added-281

When you open up Aerography you have three buttons, Camera, Photos and Fresh. The Fresh button is a short cut button made to pick the last photo on your camera roll. So if you already have a photo that is last on your camera roll, you can use the Fresh button.

There is also a rate button for writing a review about the app in the App Store. Next to rate is support button, so you can contact the developer for instant feedback, complaints and other things.

There is a sound button on the top right hand corner. You can turn off the sound on the app if it bothers you.

Recently Added-282

When you load a Photo from the your camera roll, there will be a default preset start. There are a lot of different preset filters and background colors. You can really go nuts with the choices of preset filters and background colors and different combinations of edits. I always end up saving four or five different types of edits because I like to play around with this app.

Now if you picked the wrong photo or didn’t like the outcome of the edit. You can tap on the NEW button and pick a different photo from your camera roll.

Recently Added-284

There is also a Zoomed feature too, so you can see up close what the edits look like in full details.

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After you done with your editing, you can share or save your creations. You have two different save options. You can save in JPEG or PNG formats. All you have to do is flip the switch for your format saves.

Aerograph Demo

Here is my saved creation from Aerography. The resolution save is 1440 x 1440, not great but I can push more pixels into my images with Big Photo. I’m hoping the developer will make an update for higher resolution saves in the near future.

Aerograph JPEG and PNG

You can see here the difference between the two file saves (JPEG and PNG). Overall I really like Aerography for it’s orginal style in graphic editing. The app is FREE, so is the in-app purchase and universal to the iPad. I can’t really complain over a FREE app, with all these great filters and numbers of creative possibilities. It’s worth having in you editing collection. If you plan to use this app a lot, I recommend buying Big Photo to pump pixels onto your images.

If you have any questions about this blog post, please leave comments or email me Have a great day and see you soon !!!



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  1. creatiwu says:

    Where is the IAP?

  2. eucalyptha says:

    Got it right away. Thanks Tina

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