Combo Apps/Introduction to The iPhone 6+

iPhone 6+

Last week I finally got a new iPhone in black and been playing with it. I’m still working on the settings and making sure I have all the right app on my iPhone 6+. Now you’re wondering, why would I get an iPhone 6+ ? I had the intentions of getting an iPhone 6 128gb but the guy at the Apple Store sold me the iPhone 6+ by mistake instead. We were talking about blogging and writing content. I sat at the food court to open the box and had an EyePatch case ready to put on to write a review about for iPhone 6. I opened the box and saw it was an iPhone 6+ 64gb instead. After looking at it and holding it my hand, I decided I’ll keep the 6+ and buy a new case with tempered glass screen protector.

Regular to Zoom screen shot

What I love is the screen size and battery life. I’m glad the guy sold me the wrong iPhone. You have the option of keeping your screen original size or zoomed. I’m showing you the difference between the two sized. My 6+ is zoomed so I can see things a little better. I’m sure some of you who are over 40 like myself will prefer the zoomed option.

PaintedCamera with Crayons

The battery life is well worth the extra money along with the larger screen. My 6+ will last for a day and half with normal everyday usage. I haven’t tested it on heavy photo taking and heavy editing, but that blog post will come later. I haven’t really taken a whole lot of photos and did any editing with it yet. However I will say this, Hipstamatic works a lot better and faster. The top photo was taken with Painted Camera. It was nice to be able to use Painted Camera/Hipstamatic and not crash on me while I’m taking a photo or prolong use.

Green Eggs - before and after

What amazes me are the details and colors. The greens on iPhone 6+ are beautiful and pretty accurate. Here I am cooking green eggs for Ms. Spitzer’s class. It was Read Across America Day, celebrated on Dr. Seuss’ Birthday. So take a look at those GREEN eggs and see how pretty those eggs look before and after.

Tempered Glass Screen Protector

One of the things I felt was important on any iPhone is a screen protector of some kind. I got a Tempered Glass Screen Protector on my iPhone instead of the normal film screen protector. Since I don’t plan to invest or write about Olloclip anymore. These screen protectors are a lot easier to put on. You don’t have to wait out the 24 hours before you use your iPhone. The more you press and tap on the screen protector the better it sticks over time. The lady who put mine on at the Kiosk in the mall, banged her iPhone with scissors and tried scratch up the iPhone screen on her iPhone. I paid $40 but I got the service of putting on the screen protector along with good conversation. If you plan to buy one of these tempered glass screen protector, I would look into trusted brands such as BodyGuardz and ZAGG Invisible Sheild. If you want to be cheap and take a chance, then shop around on Amazon and Ebay. There are also iPhone forums on iMore about tempered glass screen protectors from actual users.

Otterbox Symmetry Case - black

I did buy a case and got an Otterbox Symmetry Black Case and paid the $50 for it. I really like the case because it thinner, lighter and not bulky. (It made my 6+ look sexy !!!) In fact with the Otterbox Symmetry case on my iPhone 6+, weights about the same as my iPhone 4S with Olloclip’s Flipcase on. Since I don’t need a battery case because of the bigger battery on the 6+, this case is perfect. It’s easy to pop on and off the case on your iPhone too. I highly recommend getting this case if you’re not using mobile lenses and on the go constantly. The case is very attractive, comes in other colors and print designs. Mine is black, like shown up above.


I wanted to share this photo I took from my 6+. Tim Cook doesn’t lie, you really get amazing photos from the iPhone 6+. Even in low light the photos come out nice and not so noisy. I used Pure Shot to take the photo and Snapseed to edit the photo. You don’t really need to don’t to apply heavy editing on your photos to compensate for for blown highlights and shadow details, like I did with my iPhone 4S.

This time around I bought an unlocked iPhone and went with a prepaid plan with Cricket Wireless. I paid a lot of money up front with my iPhone 6+ (over $1000 with an Apple Care Plan+) but it’s cheaper in the long run. Because you pay a lot more money with a contracted iPhone than an unlocked iPhone. My Cricket plan is $50 a month with 5 gigs of data, unlimited call minutes and text messages. By the way AT&T owns Cricket Wireless so I get the same 4G LTE coverage. I was paying a little over double the price with a contract plan. Do the math and you will see what I’m talking about. It’s absurd amount of money you’re throwing away. You do need to get a plan to open an unlocked and use your iPhone. If you go to Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint, they will go out of their way to lock you into a contract before they will show you a prepaid plan. I know from experience, so go to Target or Walmart. You can find a Cricket store or booth all over the place. You don’t have to get a credit heck with a prepaid plan either.

If you have any questions about this blog post, please leave comments or email me Have a great day and see you soon !!!


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5 Responses to Combo Apps/Introduction to The iPhone 6+

  1. Peta Martin says:

    Awesome thanks so much for the iPhone 6+ review I’m seriously considering getting one for myself as I’m sick of lugging around an iPad mini and an iPhone.
    I do lots of editing on my iPad mini so I’m looking forward to your post about editing on the 6+

  2. imapurrson says:

    Congrats on your new iPhone. Looking forward to your creative edits with it. Had never heard of EyePatch case. Seems cool. Love Otterbox cases.

  3. Elvia B says:

    Thanks for the info. I want an iPhone 6 plus too. I like your review it was very helpful. I will use the info when I get my iPhone 6 plus…. Hopefully soon. Thanks again.

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