Combo Apps/Sea World – Farewell to My iPhone 4S

Sea World - 1

On Wednsday the 25th, I went to Sea World with Vida’s first grade class. I has a really great time and enjoyed every minute of it. I had 8 kids including Vida and 2 adults Ms. Spitzer and Shawn (Heatherlynn’s mom). Ms. Spitzer gave us on a worldwide guide through Sea World, so we could see as much as possible. We start off at Wild Arctic, it’s Jet-helicopter simulator ride to see the arctic landscape and the animals that roam in the Arctic.

Sea World - 2

Now here’s one of my favourite shot of the kids. They are watching baby belugas being fed. They’re all intrigued but at the same time they know I’m taking their photos. This was after the ride.

Sea World - 5

As we go deeper, we can see the belugas swimming in the pool. What I liked was the sun rays beeming through the water. There was all these amazing streaks of light shining down. The water was murky so it was hard to shoot the belugas swimming in the water.

Sea World - 4

Vida is with her two BFFs, Sydney and Keira. They are a lot taller than Vida but they protect her.

Sea World - 12

After going through Wild Arctic and looking at other animals encounters. Ms. Spitzer said, “who wants to ride the roller coaster ?” All the kids screamed, “I DO !!!” So we headed off to Journey to Atlantis. It’s basically a water coaster ride with a long 60ft drop. You can get wet from this ride, depends on where you sit in the ride. You can see Shawn (Heatherlynn’s mom).

Sea World - 11

Explorer’s Reef is another attraction we checked out. It’s new and open up last year. It’s an encounter where you can touch bamboo sharks and get your hands clean with cleaner fish.

Sea World - 10

Here’s Vida checking out the bamboo sharks and totally intrigued by the experience.

Sea World - 6

It’s lunch time, so we go and check out the Shamu Show, but before the show I check out Shamu’s Underwater Viewing. I got this lucky shot of an orca (killer whale) swimming past me. It’s really amazing to see these orcas swim underwater.

Sea World - 9

We wanted to see the giant octopus but it was closed, so I got this shot of a small octopus. This is the animal Vida picked for her report to turn in at the end of the month.

Sea World - 7

We did go to the Shark Enconter. I always loved looking at the sharks.

Sea World - 7

Turtle Reef was the last encounter we went to at the end of our field trip. I really loved looking at the sea turtles swimming around with all these fish surrounding them. I felt like I was watch a Jacque Cousteau documantry. It was really amazing and I took about 15 shots of this one sea turtle.

Sea World - 8

Overall this was by far the best time I ever had at Sea World. I saw the many changes with the park and got to see just about all of the park. These kids had an amazing time too.

Sea World - 3

This is the last blog post I’ll be doing with my iPhone 4S. I finally got a new iPhone !!! There will be an introduction, points of view, app testing and my point of view with the iPhone 6+. So this is the farwell blog post to my iPhone 4s. All the photos were taken with ProCamera 8 and Pure Shot on my iPhone 4s. Have a good night and I’ll see you soon.



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