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Vanessa Vox is this months Guest Blogger. She has a very unique and beautiful mobile art gallery. Her work includes self portraits and landscapes. What her work reminds of are Biblical Storytelling and Folklore. The images are filled with very vivid details with dream like state while you’re awake. You can stare at Vanessa’s images while listening to Sarah McLachlan in the background. Her images makes me think of the album Surfacing. Now sit back and get to know about Vanessa Vox and her mobile art work.

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Hello, my name is Vanessa Vox. I’m a dedicated iphoneographer since 2012. I was born in Paris to french/german parents. In the eighties I received an MA in Art History and Archaeology at the University of Aix-en-Provence and started also to work as a dancer/choreographer in a Renaissance music and dance theater company (Polyphonia Antiqua). Afterwards I moved to Germany and few years later to Switzerland where I found my love. From 2003 onwards I began to explore the possibilities of digital art in collaboration with my husband. We produced short videos and night photo series. 2012 I discovered the mobile photography devices. I was immediately fascinated by the possibilities to intuitively transform the spontaneous shot to an icon or dreamlike picture which has the appearance of an old painting or vintage photography. 2013 I moved back to the south of France. The region called “Drôme Provençale” is today my primarly source of inspiration. My movies and photos are regulary presented in specialized publications and showcases. Others took part in international group exhibitions (in Canada, USA, Portugal, Italy, France).

Vanessa Vox - 2

Were you always into self portraits?

Already in the eighties when I was a dancer I worked with my body and my appearance. Since this time I’ve got used to stage myself. Then 2005-2009 me and Orlando Bay experimented with long exposure shots and self portraits under special light conditions during the night. We used digital cameras with articulated LCD screens to control our gestures. 2012 I’ve got my first front camera on an ipod5. And this was the beginning of my mobile photography work.

Self portraits are a playful world. I feel free to discover myself. But I also consider them as a mirror of my emotional state of being. I am my own model, my own actress exploring hidden facets of my identity. I always start with a spontaneous snapshot of my face or body. But afterwards I search for an iconic expression which goes beyond the indivual limits of space and time. The editing process leads me to deeper aspects of mental or spiritual attitudes. Sometimes to existential fears or nightmares.

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Do you prefer photographing city life or country life?

I currently live on the country side. My world consists of gardens, wide landscapes, trees, flowers and lonesome streets and pathes. With my mobile devices I investigate the region where I live, the Drôme Provençale. Medieval stone villages and old olive trees belong to my favorite motifs.
But I would not say that I prefer the country life. I always lived in both worlds. When I am in a big city I love to discover the creativity everywhere and in every form. I can feel myself as an individual amongst a vaste variety of other human beings. I am like a fish in the swarm, floating in a river of perpetual change. My head is clear. My mind is conscious.

In the countryside, I like the scents of nature, the fresh air, wild flowers and trees, the colors of the sky and the fields, the far horizon. I love to watch the birds and the butterflies. I enjoy the loneliness and the silence. But I also feel very small and a little bit „dreamy“ under the sun and the stars.
Both worlds are inspiring. I’m just strolling around, spotting and discovering what I love. Or falling in love in what comes in my way.

Vanessa Vox - 1

Who are your influences and inspirations?

I have an open mind for many styles. Through my studies I am influenced by the Middle Age and its iconography. It was my main focus in the university and I raised up in a medieval environment of old villages in the south of France. But beside of that I am interested in art in general. I have visited many museums and exhibitions during my life. And all of the paintings and pictures I’ve seen have left their traces in my brain.

For many years I regularly visited the “Art” in Basel. Female artists like Pipilotti Rist, Cindy Shermann or Loretta Lux impressed and influenced me. As well as the artwork of the couple Teresa Hubbard & Alexander Birchler. I also admire the photographic work of Alexander Rodchenko, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Jeff Wall, Gregory Crewdson and many more. Even when it is not to be seen in my pictures it does influence the way I look at my own work.

And last but not least I am very grateful to be in a very creative community of mobile artists. The daily exchange and contact with artist friends is very inspiring and motivating. Because it happens here and now.

Vanessa Vox - 9

What are your top 10 apps?

At the moment my favorite apps are: Procamera 8, Hipstamatic, PhotoToaster, Glaze, DisstressedFX, Mextures, Stackables, Vintage Photo, Moku Hanga, Image Blender. But I use regularly many more apps depending on my need !!!

Vanessa Vox - 3

Have you travelled to other countries and done mobile photography there?

I have travelled a lot during my life. But concerning my mobile photography I only worked in Switzerland and France till now.

Vanessa Vox - 6

Do you plan to travel else where and mobile photograph there?

France is a beautiful country and it is now the center of my activities. So I plan to explore its regions step by step… and of course with my mobile device in my pocket. I like to discover hidden places, not primarly the well known tourist attractions. And I am sure there are a lot of motifs waiting for me.

And yes… I would like to make trips to other countries. I am open for new challenges. My wishes lead me to Catalonia, California, Ireland, Scotland, Veneto, Portugal etc But I will do it when the time is right. Or maybe when my success with my art work demands to travel. That would be great.

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If you want to follow Vanessa and read more about her work, you can check out her homepage or follow her on social media below.




I want to thank Vanessa Vox for her images and doing this months guest blogger post. Have a great day and see you soon.



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  1. vanessavox says:

    It was a great pleasure to be your Guest Blogger Tina. Huge thanks!

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