Combo Apps/Top 6 Social Media Platforms for The Mobile Artist

Top 6 Social Media

The other day there was a woman name Violet Martins asking about how Facebook works. She couldn’t understand why no one was looking at her photos or mobile art images. She was asking how does Facebook work ? What was disappointing is no one could really answer Violet’s question. What they were doing is adding more questions about other social media platforms. So this is what I’m going to give you simple breakdowns of top 6 social media platforms to have for a mobile artist.

The other thing you need to know that these 6 social media platforms work in different ways. They are all a different social animal from each other. You need to know how they basically work, so you can use them properly to your advantage.

At the end of the blog post I will give you a list of social media apps and everything I’m linked to so you can follow me. Some of the social media I’m on, I’m hardly active but I keep them around for blogging information.

Facebook icon

I’m going to start with Facebook because it’s the largest and most active social media on the planet. This is how Facebook works. Basically you have a mix group of people and you’re wondering I posted a photo. I’m getting no likes or comments on my photo. Why is that ? Well you have a mix group of people, that are from peers you went to school with to co-workers at your job to like minded artist such as yourself and family. You are showing people your art image and frankly most people don’t really care. Because not everyone you follow or have as friends are artists, they have other interests and most people these days have 5 second rule attention span.

I don’t expect everyone to like or comment the things I post. What type of mindset you should have is this, what I like to post. It’s really kind of presumptuous to assume that your friends will go nuts over your artwork or whatever you post. Frankly you don’t care for some of the things your friends post either. The other mindset you should have on Facebook is making connections you haven’t seen or talk to people in ages. Making connections with all different types of people, maybe they might know someone who can help you. Again don’t assume people will go out of their way to help you drive your art work. Also get a Facebook Page about your artwork and try to get people into your page to see your artwork. Your mobile art work gets lost so fast in the Facebook News Feed Scroll, so many people don’t have the time or the attention to scroll to find what you posted that day or in the last 5 minutes. I think I have 2000 friends on Facebook. I’m not going to scroll through that news feed mess to look at what my sister posted an hour ago. Nor does anyone what to type your name in the search and look through your news feed to find that post either. There are settings to adjust to filter out your news feed and block out crap you don’t want to look at too.

Flickr icon

Flickr was the first to share photos online with other photographers. In my opinion this is the best resource website to find just about anything and everything about photography. It’s also the site where I got my digital photo education from, learning about digital gear and other great tips. Flickr is better than searching through Google because there are specific groups set up for the subject you’re looking for in photography. The site is filled with all different types of photographers from all over the world.

How it works, basically it’s important to join groups and post your photos/images in the group pool. Make sure to tag your photos so they can be found in the Flickr and/or Google searches. Other things you should do is comment and fave other people’s photos. It’s the polite thing to do. That’s one thing that will never go out of style or be trendy. Your photo can be found on Google, Bing, Safari and other browser search engines too. That’s how you magical get 7000 views in the last few days. I’m not a fan of the Explore page nor do I care if I make Explore anymore. I basically use Flickr as a storehouse for blogging and don’t really tag anything or post in groups anymore. I even have a Combo Apps group but don’t have the time to look at the posting in the group pool.

Instagram icon

Instagram, the fastest growing mobile photo sharing app of all time. Its popularity grew because it’s a very simple platform. You can take a photo, use editing tools and share your creations. You can also upload your creations or photos you’ve taken with other apps. Instagram also put the square format on the map. Everything you post will be put in a square format, even if it’s rectangle or a circle. Instagram will put edges on or around your photo to fit the square format. I have two Instagram accounts @combo_ apps and @ashcroft54.

Instagram is instant gratification with likes and comments. You can gain followers pretty quickly. I like to use the Instagram as a quick news feed for free apps, recent blog posts, app updates, giveaways and other things on @combo_apps. People see what I post and spread the word quickly. I follow app developers, mobile artists, mobile photographers and news feeds. Make sure you use the hash tag #, because that’s how you draw in your traffic to your feed. @ashcroft54 is my personal account where I post my mobile art work. I’m hardly posting on that account because I’m busy on the other account and doing stuff for Combo Apps.

Twitter icon

When I think of Twitter…it makes me think of instant headlines. It’s great for getting information quickly to the world. The fastest news feed in the world and can go viral in a matter of seconds. What’s important are hash tags # and short links. The hash tags help get you followers to your Twitter feed and retweets. Retweets are great because that’s how your news feed will be trending. The short links helps because of the 140 character limit. You can post photos and short video clips on your Twitter feed.

I use Twitter for my blog posts and Instagram posts. I don’t hash tag like I should when I tweet sometimes. The only time I’ll use hash tags are on Instagram. Twitter was also the on who invented the hash tag # and the @ sign for your Tweet name.

EyeEm icon

Now you’re wondering why is EyeEm on my top 6 lists, what’s the purpose and advantage of having an account. You share photos like Instagram and you can like and comment the photos you follow. But there’s more to EyeEm than what Instagram has to offer and more involvement. You have photographers and mobile photographers on a mobile platform. You can also have option to use desktop or laptop to upload on EyeEm. The developers made the app universal to the iPad recently. Which is great to see your photos and other people’s photo on the larger screen. EyeEm also was one of the first mobile apps to open Android and iOS platforms.

There are editing tools just like Instagram but you have better control over and more options with your edits. They don’t do video uploads. Which is fine because I’m a photographer who likes to look at photos. The photos on EyeEm are more professional and nicer to look at. They have some serious eye candy going on and I like looking at their popular page a lot. You can tag you photos with albums so other people can like and comment them. Even if you don’t follow the person or they don’t follow you, the albums make it possible to generate more traffic for your photo feed.

Missions: Community photo competitions get you more exposure and help develop your artistic style. Submit your work to win prizes and get published worldwide through our exciting partnerships.

Pinterest icon

Pinterest is a site where you can share posts, articles and artwork. It’s design to keep track of what you’ve discovered with pins. This site is dominated by women and designed for women. It’s said that Pinterest has 80% women and 92% are women who doing the pinning.

My sister loves Pinterest because she’s loves crafts, recipes and clothes. I have Pinterest but hardly use it because it’s crack !!!! Once you start to pin, you really can’t stop because the pins are set up with simple categories of interests. The pins can go off into a tangents, where you can look at stuff for hours on end. My sister played a dirty trick and pinned me with something. She told me to go look at it. Three hours later I tell my sister don’t do that to me again. She’s laughing because she knows Pinterest is very addicting. I think they made Pinterest for people who have A.D.D.

Google+ LinkedIn icons

Other social media sites I did not mention are LinkedIn and Google+. You can make accounts with those two sites but I hardly use them. Google+ was Google’s way to compete with Facebook. It started pretty good but now I just don’t care for the platform. LinkedIn is great for connection with professional people for professional jobs. You can also look for a job to send out resumes. It’s a great professional platform but if you use it heavily. Then I recommend buying into the premium packages. icon

Now there is a website to link all your social media links on one page, it’s called About.Me. What’s nice is you can design your page and put in all your links on one splash page. I get a lot of traffic on my page. I highly recommend getting one of these pages to put all your social media links together.

Social Apps List:


If you want to follow me, the list is below:

Facebook – Tina L Rice
Facebook Page – Combo Apps
Instagram @ashcroft54 @combo_apps
Twitter @ashcroft54 @combo_apps
Flickr – ashcroft54
EyeEm – ashcroft54
Pinterest – ashcroft54
LinkedIn – Tina Rice
Google+ – Tina Rice
About.Me – ashcroft54

That’s everything I’m linked to and now you’re wondering what’s my opinion on Social Media, I feel it’s a necessary evil to put yourself out there in the internet. If you want people to notice your mobile art work, then social media us the best way to go. It’s a lot of work to keep track of your social account. It’s really important that you learn how these site work, don’t assume you’ll be instantly popular and just be who you are on these sites. Each sites are different in their own way and not all follow the same format. The key here is pick what you like, what works for you and what makes you comfortable. These are the Top 6 I recommend to get started with social media. There are more sites out there but these are the one with the best traffic and popular. So pick your poison and have a great day !!!!



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    This post is so helpful Tina, thank you!!

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    Really cool post Tina!!!!! 👏👏👏 I love use Instagram and Oggl (from Hipstamatic fan!) I olso use FACEBOOK, but in diferent way… And I think that Twitter is a 💩!

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    Very helpful breakdown of advantages and disadvantages. Thank you. I’m off to open a new account or two.

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