Combo Apps/Other Worldly with DistressedFX

Other Worldly Macro - 2

So I took some macro shots the other day because it was a foggy morning, it’s does gets foggy sometimes in San Diego. What I like was seeing all the dew drops on the grass and plants. After I dropped off Vida to school, I got my macro lenses and took some photos.

Other Worldly Macro - 4

As I was looking through these photos during recess at Vida’s school, I was wondering how could I edit these macro photos. I was playing around with PhotoToaster and doing simple edits in the classroom. The kids were watching me edit photos on my iPhone. They are asking me what I was doing. “I told them I’m editing photos but I feel something was missing in the edits.”

Other Worldly Macro 1

Then I was watching the kids wrinkle up paper and tossing them in the trash. That’s when DistressedFX popped in my head. So I was playing around with the app at night, chatting with a friend on messenger and showing the friend what I was doing. I was doing all this because I had an earache. I haven’t had those since I was Vida’s age.

Recently Added-200

What I want show you are some of the features and tools with DistressedFX. One of them is flattening your layers to pile more textures and birds on top of your photo. All you have to do is put your finger on the screen and hold down for a long time. What I like about this feature is you can really make your edit more complex with more textures. This will also make your photo have that out of the box style to them, so people won’t assume you’re only using DistressedFX. You can also add custom texture with this app too. IV done that a couple of times. But what I wish for with the custom part is blending modes added to the mix. So Cheryl I hope you’re reading this blog post and taking notes…

Recently Added-201

Now there was a big stink going around about birds in mobile editing. I like the birds in mobile editing and find them to be spiritual on many levels. If you want the birds, then get them and apply them on you mobile edits. It’s worth it in my opinion.

DistressedFX Other Worldly Demo

Now my humble opinions about DistressedFX, I like it and what it does. My only concern is the resolution save and email at a higher save bit. When you email your saves you get what called a high density save rather than high resolution save. What the density saves are good for is stretching your photos for printing and resize layers for blending. You get the save like you do with the app but they are packed full of pixels. Overall the app is awesome and very handy in making really interesting textured mobile edits.

Other Worldly Macro - 7

You can pick up DistressedFX for $.99 and it’s universal to the iPad. The extra BIRDS are an in-app purchase for $.99. Other things is you can be part of the DistressedFX community on Facebook and follow on Instagram @distressedfxapp hash tag #distressedfx. There is something else too !!! If you go to DistressedFX website, you can pick up birds, bushes overlays, texture and other goodies by clicking >HERE< for Photoshop. Some things are free and they offers bundles packs too.

If you have any questions about this blog post please leave comments, all the photos in this blog post were taken with ProCamera 8 and edited with DistressedFX. Have a great day and see you soon !!!



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10 Responses to Combo Apps/Other Worldly with DistressedFX

  1. Ithalu says:

    Great Tina! I have this app it is one of my fav. 😊

  2. eucalyptha says:

    Nice way to edit macro. I will give it a try. Thanks Tina.

  3. Jimmy says:

    Those edits came out great. I like what you did. I didn’t know there was an issue with using mobile birds though. What’s the problem with it?

    • ashcroft54 says:

      People were complaining how everyone puts birds in their edits. It was a post on iPhone Art. People were just being ridiculous and saying mean things. That’s why I like to point out the birds.

  4. creatiwu says:

    Nice photos and app!

  5. imapurrson says:

    I love your macro pics and the beautifully textured edits you’ve done with them!

    Thank you for bringing to our attention the downloads that are available through the DistressedFX website. I noticed that it said that the bundles weren’t for use in apps, though. I only have my phone, so after downloading the bundles, it asked if I wanted to open them in iColorama. Since I wanted to see what they looked like I said yes. I guess it’s not alright to use the pics or post any edits done through an app with DistressedFX’s website bundles? Is that correct thinking? The birds and the trees overlays are all gorgeous, and I’m thankful to the developer for sharing these downloads. I’m also thankful for the DistressedFX app, and I love the IAP of the birds. I agree with you about liking pictures with birds in them, naturally, or edited in.

    Last, but certainly not least, iColorama is jam packed with so much goodness, but it’s a lot to understand. It can be challenging to try and use it to its full potential.

    Thank you, Tina, for sharing these lovely pictures and for the gift of your blog. I hope you’re doing well.

  6. niki says:

    love these macro pictures. it made me want to have a go at making some of my own. thanks Tina.

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