Combo Apps/Fragment Update 1.6

Fragment Demo - 2

I was suppose to write this post two days ago but I have a really bad cold. Even taking the flu shot still didn’t help me. Please bare with me and let me talk about Fragment and the 1.6 update. This update was really important for two reasons. One reason is a lot of people forget about the editing tools in Fragment. And two were three new editing effects that were added to the editing mix with Fragment. The new effects are 3D Glasses, Outline and Glow. The top image was edited with Fragment with the new editing effects.

All Photos-5978

I wanted to show you where the editing tools and effects are located on Fragment. If you have other Pixite apps, the set ups are all the same. People tend to forget about where the tools are at, so I’m reminding you where to look. Even I forget about the tools sometimes, this is why I’m grateful for the random effects when you use Fragment. So just tap on the small arrow button and a tool bar will lift up. Tap on the arrow again to hide the tool bar.

Fragment Demo - 1

Just when I think Ben and his team have run out of improvement ideas for their apps, out of no where we get 3 new editing effects. These effects are spot on in my opinion and gives you another dimension in creativity. I really love these effects.

Fragment is universal to the iPad and works great with iOS 8. You can pick up Fragment for $1.99 in the App Store. You can also follow Fragment on Instagram @fragmentapp and use the hash tag #fragmentapp to be in the daily feature on Instagram. I want to thank Pixite for letting me be on the beta test team and letting me know about the new effects. Have a great day and see you soon.



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4 Responses to Combo Apps/Fragment Update 1.6

  1. Susan Lawrence says:

    Wow, this looks like a COOL App!

  2. Ithalu says:

    Great! Tina looks like a great app.

  3. eucalyptha says:

    This looks like a great app. Would love to try it. The blog is great as usual. You do a great job!!

  4. Kate Lyon says:

    I’ve used Fragment for several months and it’s one of my favorites. The refragment feature is the effect I use the most. I also like that you can work on the background and fragment separately. This is one fantastic app!

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