Combo Apps/Roam The Blue Ghost by Chelle Destefano

The Starting Point:

Hi, I’m Chelle, I’m a watercolor artist. I’ve created a series of beautiful, haunting watercolor paintings of abandoned places that I call “Roam the Blue Ghost” and I need your help to turn them into a gorgeous printed book and a series of high quality prints.

This Kickstarter project aims to get funding for the book to be printed, the art prints made and matted including the limited boxed editions, the post cards, the gallery hire for the exhibition, and any stretch goals that might come about if we go over the funding goal. Let’s hope we can achieve this goal! 🙂

I have been exploring abandoned places for the last decade and putting these explorations through my art and developing their stories. Some of the artworks come as a sub-series of one particular place or situation that sets the visual story. I have been working on this project for the last 4 months to produce a big body of pen and watercolour artworks of huge size (A2 – A1 sized Watercolour paper) on this theme. Why blue ghost? The name implies the ghosts that are still wandering around places in this world, not yet passed over, still lost and looking for their loved ones or their favourite thing/place.

You can view more of my artworks at and click HERE for her Kickstarter campaign.


Chelle is pretty close to her goal. Since I don’t have the money to support her project, I felt I could post it and see if anyone else is interested. I like to help artists out in any type of medium. I believe in her project and hope other will too !!!


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  1. gypsysnail says:

    Thank you so much! Your support is awesome 🙂 am honoured to be on ur blog 🙂

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