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Bygone Days - 3

Tonight’s guest blogger is about a series of image that are Bygone Days, set in the late 19th to early 20th century. They remind me of old music boxes and/or a harpsichords playing in the background at some aristocratic affair. I felt her mobile processing and body of work needed to shares beyond Instagram. Read all about this magnificent series of images and the woman behind the mobile process.

Bygone Days - 4

HI !!! My name is Maartje Bronkhorst. I am a 39 year old school teacher, living in Leiden, The Netherlands, with my boyfriend, who is an artist and photographer.

1. What is your art series about ?

All my artwork has one thing in common: my love for things from the past, especially the 19th and early 20th century. My art is a a contemporary tribute to bygone days. I like to create new compositions from vintage material, for example scanned from antique books and public domain images. Also I love elegance and grace in art, I guess that is why I always feel the need to use feminine shapes/ influences.

Bygone Days - 6

2. Can you tell us how you create your mobile art work ?

To be able to create my digital collages, I collect vintage images and antique books. I get a lot of ideas from them, the possibilities just come up as I go. I started editing on an iPhone back in 2011. Before that, I was hooked on Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Back then, I could not have imagined the possibilities that mobile photomanipulation would offer only a few years later! I also started my first IG gallery then, dedicated to dark, traditional gothic/horror art (@maartje1975).

I am quite addicted to creating imagery. Doing so on a mobile phone made it a lot easier to do artwork in between other things. It helps me to relax as well. When I edit, it feels like being in a different world for a bit. It’s the same feeling that I had as a child, building villages from cardboard and decorating them.

Bygone Days - 2

3. Who are your influences and inspirations ?

Inspiration comes from different sources, sometimes completely unexpected. For example, a while back I was playing a computer game, called “Limbo”. It’s a macabre, very atmospheric platform game with all black and white graphics and silhouettes. During that same period, I also watched the horrormovie “Babadook”, that revolves around a very creepy children’s book, done in charcoal.

Just recently I suddenly realized that my current art series, Visual Poetry, has quite a few things in common with those concept.

Of course, I also get inspired by fellow Ig’ers and several other artists as well. What I really like about IG, is that it’s a quite “open” community. People are not afraid to share their ways of working and processes.

As I said, I have a soft spot for traditional horror art. I find a lot of inspiration comes from old movies and literature. In my current gallery, @medusean_muse, I use these inspirations in a more contemporary setting.

Bygone Days - 5

4. What other series of mobile art work have you done ?

I usually work in series. This is an involuntary thing, it just happens. When something works, I continue until something else pops up. In my Medusean_Muse gallery, this is clearly visible. There is a large collection that I called “Faces of The Muse”. I edited lots of 20’s pics of actresses etcetera and decorated them with self-produced clipart (from antique books). Then there is my Visual Poetry collection, where I work with vintage material in combination with vector silhouettes. Also, I made a series that is called “Medusean Storybook”, consisting of diorama-like imagery and dreamscapes.

5. What are your top 10 apps ?

Apps I use: First of all, straight fom the beginning in 2011, my first mobile app Snapseed. I still could not imagine my process without it !!!

I cut out a lot of material from scans. Recently I started using Union App (Pixite apps) for this purpose. By far the best app to work on pixel level without having to deal with pixelated edges (imo a big problem ith most mobile blending apps). Union App’s soft brush is excellent for this purpose: you van adjust it to a small size, so it’s “hard” enough for nice edges without individual pixel visibility.

The PNG’s I saved from Union app, I import in Adobe Photoshop Touch as layers to create a composition on top of the back ground, and merge in the end.

To apply filters and effects, I use Stackables and Mextures, so far the apps I use for my current series.

My other faves for other work: Decim8, Tangent and Fragment (both by Pixite), Artstudio and Modern Grunge.

6. Did you see a lot of ballet as a kid ? The reason why I’m asking is I see a lot of it in your mobile art work.

I never saw any ballet as a kid. As an adult, my interest for performing arts grew. I frequently went to see classical ballet performances. Ballet is a symbol for feminine grace and elegance to me. It works very well in the type of collages I make.

Bygone Days - 1

Now if you want to follow Maartje on Instagram, check out @medusean_muse and @maartje1975. I highly recommend you follow both her feeds. I want to thank Maartje for doing this post and sharing her images and editing process. Have a nice evening and see you soon !!!



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  1. Maartje says:

    Thanks so Much!!!!! Love it!

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