Combo Apps/Flat Stanley

Flat Stanley is a children’s book written by Jeff Brown. Most of us all know the story and the project where kids will take Flat Stanley on vacation, being mailed off to other states and countries around the world. Well this story is a mobile story done with an iPhone.

Flat Stanley

After Ms. Spitzer read the book, she made the class draw and cut Stanley out. I was really picky with Vida when it came to colouring Stanley. I cut Stanley out before turning him in to be mailed out. I asked my friend Claudia if she wanted Stanley mailed to her and she would have to take photos of him all over Amsterdam. She was excited and face me her mailing address.

Amsterdam and Stanley

Stanley made it to Amsterdam and got to do lots of fun things. He went out to eat, went to fashion week and went to work with Claudia. You could say Stanley has a magical time. All the photos Claudia took were with her iPhone 5S.

Where in the Worls is Flat Stanley

Ms. Spitzer had a world map of where Stanley has been with other students. I’m glad she has this map up. I like looking at it and see where Stanley has been. It’s also a reminder of my goal to travel all over the world.

Silly Pose

Sloan got her Flat Stanley from Ireland from her family there. They wanted a photo of the class with Stanley. Well I took serious photos with Ms. Spitzer phone and I wanted the kids to be silly with their pose. It seems the kids were more serious with their silly pose than their serious pose. This photo made me laugh so hard because all these kids personality shined through.

You can check out The Official Flat Stanley website and see where Stanley has been up to. You can get the Flat Stanley Book Series on Amazon and Flat Stanley Books. It’s Ben fun to be part of this project with Vida and help from Claudia, Ms. Spitzer and Vida’s class. Check out Flat Stanley and make you own mobile project with Stanley and some friends abroad. Have a great evening and see you soon.



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4 Responses to Combo Apps/Flat Stanley

  1. eucalyptha says:

    Very cool Tina! I was glad to have Stanley over. We had fun.

  2. imapurrson says:

    Such a cute idea! Stanley came out very cute. Wish we could travel as easily as he does. Ms. Spitzer looks like an amazing person, and the children look very engaged for the picture! 😃

  3. Susan Lawrence says:

    Tina if Stanley needs more adventures let me know!

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