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I read an article on The Huffington Post about freeing up space on you iPhone and iPad. It covers the basic way of elevating space but there are other things that will take up space on your iPhone too. A lot of times it goes unnoticed because you don’t see it and certain types of apps really hog up space on you iPhone. Camera apps are notorious for sucking up space on your iPhone. I’ll show you the popular cameras and editing apps that take up space. It’s really important that you are aware how space is utilise with these apps.

So the top screen shots are how I’m going to start the blog post, you’ll go through settings, get to usage and the list of apps that take up space.

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Now I want you to look at the list of apps that take up space on my iPhone. When you buy apps they will show you the size of the app in the App Store. But after having these apps are on your iPhone, over time they accumulate and grow over time. Now you noticed my ProCamera 8 is huge compared to when you buy in the App Store. The reason why my ProCamera is huge is I have photos saved onto the LightBox gallery on the app. That will suck up space over time. The reason for this is you’re doubling up on photos and you are double saving.

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It’s important you check your settings and read how these functions work on your camera apps. Most of the time you can turn of these functions or change the function to fit your needs. This will also save you space on your iPhone and iPad.

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Now here’s another example of space taking up on your iPhone. Hipstamatic is one of the most popular camera apps on the market. There are two things that will suck up space with Hipstamatic. One is the print gallery, these are high resolution saves in the gallery. This sucks up space big time, clean out your gallery and get rid of those photos. The second is buying into the HipstaPaks. Each Pak takes up space because of the graphics, film textures and borders. Some of these Paks come with a case or a flash, that takes up space too. It’s important to watch what you buy because what starts as a 43 MB app will turn into a 300 MB app on just HipstaPaks alone.

List of other camera apps that suck space:

Super Retro

That’s just a few camera apps I know there are more of them out there.

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The last example are the power editing apps. I’m showing you my edits with Leonardo. When you load up the app you get you editing gallery. As you can see I don’t toss out my gallery as I should. These gallery suck up the most space compared to any camera app. I’ll tell you why, every time you add a layer, mask or use clone touch up you add space. What this does is double the memory of the original photo when you add layers or do minor touch ups. These layers are not flatten, so the files get huge. What happens when you have too many of these edits in your gallery. Your app works slow and the memory of your device start to get sucked up. When you get low memory, this causes you devices to crash, burn out the hardware inside your devices and take up massive amount of space. You start with a 35 MB app that turns into a 3 GB app. You have to pay attention to your usage on your mobile devices. That’s why I don’t recommend or against 16 gig devices if you want to do mobile art or movies. You need space to work on your projects. It’s a pain to go through and try to find what’s taking up space, deleting apps and music.

Editing App List:

Photo Forge 2
Laminar Pro
Adobe PS Touch
Stackables *Preset Saves*
Juxtaposer *Stamp Saves*

Again these are only a few of the powerful editing apps that will take up space. Apps take up more space than you realise, so check your usage. If you have any questions about this blog post, please leave comments. Have a good event and see you soon.



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  1. imapurrson says:

    Thanks, Tina, for the reminder! I didn’t realize that the editing apps could zapp so much space. Thank you for explaining how they do that. Most interesting. It’s a constant battle deciding what stays, or goes, on the phone. Decisions, decisions, decisions! 😅

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