Combo Apps/Learn 365Photo iPhotography

Many of you will start with a Project 365 in the New Year. Sometimes you will fun out of ideas or things to shoot for your project. Well there’s an app for that and it’s called Learn 365 iPhotography.

It’s a really cool app that gives you helpful tips, ideas and challenges. I’ve written about this app two years ago. I feel it’s times to write about this app again.

I feel this app will improve your mobile photography skills. And you can take this helpful guide with you anywhere since its on your iPhone. It’s better than any eBook because you’re given assignments. If you want to be a better iPhone photographer, then this app is for you. The key to being a better photographer is taking photos constantly.

If you have any questions you can check out Noel Chenier’s website for more information and the story behind the app. The website also has a list of apps that are linked to the App Store. Check it out, have a great evening and see you soon !!!



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  1. Gisele says:

    Αs sion as I discovered this internet site I went on reddit to share some off the
    love with them.

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