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Tonight I wanted to introduce the first blogger guest blogger of 2015, Shawn Lewis. I did a could of Combo Artist Features. I asked Shawn if he wanted to be a guest blogger and he said, “YES !!!” Tonight you’re in for a treat to read all about him and his mobile art work. So sit back, read about the man behind the shapes, forms and abstractions…

Shawn Lewis - 5

Hello, my name is Shawn Lewis. I am an abstract artist residing in Texas. One day after picking up an iPhone, I was browsing the web and came across iPhoneography. I was intrigued, and started exploring the medium, becoming hooked in the process. I’ve always been drawn to abstract art, so decided I would pursue this path with my iPhone creations. I’ve been creating works on the iPhone now for about two years now.

Shawn Lewis - 2

Where do you get your ideas to do your mobile art work ?

Most of the time my ideas come from me randomly playing around with shapes and forms until I come up with a central focus. I also get plenty of ideas from the things I see everyday, whether it be a certain color scheme, various patterns, adverts, and other artist’s work.

Shawn Lewis - 3

Who are your influences and inspirations ?

Kandinsky’s works are definitely an inspiration, as are the design works of Peter Saville. As far as mobile editing goes, one of the artists I first discovered was Nico Brons. I was amazed at the work he was creating with an iPhone, so I decided to try my hand at it.

Shawn Lewis - 9

What’s are your 10 favourite photo apps ?

Well, my most favorite app that I use for the majority of my work would be Tangent. I also like to use Matter, Fragment, Union, Stackables, ArtStudio, Filterstorm, VSCO Cam, Mextures, and LoryStripes while creating my various works. Another app I’ve been using more recently that I like is Trimaginator.

Shawn Lewis - 8

When you’re out in the real world, do you see shapes and forms out there ?

There are instances in which I do, when I start to really look at something and examine it. There are squares, circles, and triangles everywhere, you just have to find them.

Shawn Lewis - 6

Do you start with photographs or a blank canvas ?

Often times I generally do start off with blank canvas, and just add shapes and layers. Sometimes photos do end up being the base though. Many of my mannequin works start with photos as the base.

Shawn Lewis - 1

Are there other styles you like to do in mobile editing ?

Not particularly, I enjoy doing my own thing here. Abstract just always seemed right to me. I enjoy checking out the different styles other mobile editors employ though. I like to see what apps people are using and try them out, seeing if I can incorporate them in my workflow somehow.

I would like to say thank you Tina for the opportunity to be guest blogger. It has been a pleasure sharing some insight into who I am.

You can find me on Instagram, my username is @hellomynameisshawn.

My work is also featured regularly on P1xels, the global salon for iphonic art and iPhone photograph.

I hope you enjoyed Shawn Lewis and check out his mobile art work. I hope you enjoyed this blog post as much I did. Have a good evening and see you soon…



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2 Responses to Combo Apps/Shawn Lewis – Guest Blogger

  1. ima_soulman says:

    Great idea. Love seeing how other iphone users think and what motivates them. Thanks

  2. Pimball says:

    I think that Shawn is one of the greatest artits i meet in instagram! His talent have no comparison, is unique and make tendencies, is a influencer for all iphonographic artist…

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