Combo Apps/Tiny Planet Comparison

Tiny Planet Demo

I decided it’s time to do a Tiny Planet app comparison from 4 different developers. All these apps have their pros and cons, but overall these are the top 4 apps in this type of editing. I’m going start with original Tiny Planet Photo. It’s was one of the first apps of it kind way back in 2011. At the time there was nothing really like it, you have two different types of effects, Tiny Planet and Rabbit Hole. The app is free. There’s an in-app purchase to take the iAds off and bump the res saves to 2000 x 2000, back when I got the app in 2011. Not much has really changed with updates with the app design and UI (user interface). However there was an update to bump up to an impressive 4000 x 4000 resolution saves but it depends what device you have to get the super high resolution saves. Overall the app still reminds simple and easy to operate. If you’re starting out in mobile editing, then Tiny Planet Photo if the app for you. This app is an iPhone only.

*Top photos were edited with Tiny Planet.*

Next app is Living Planet, what makes this app special is you can make Tiny Planet Videos. This was something really innovative in app developing. The app will also do a wormhole (rabbit hole) effect, adjusted tools and filters to apply on top of your videos. You can also make still image too. The app does take a lot of process when you turn your video into Living Planets. The app is universal to the iPad and costs $1.99. If you like making videos with a very cool effect, then Living Planet is for you.

*Video was edited with Living Planet.*

Circular+ Demo

Next app is Circular+, this app came out about a month after Living Planet. It’s a really cool app because of the effects, filters and editing tools. Circular+ is Tiny Planet with super powers. You can make a super surreal world this app. The resolution save is 2048 x 2048. The app is universal to the iPad and cost is $1.99. Overall the app is great for intermediate to advance mobile artists. If you’re starting out in mobile editing I recommend you start with Tiny Planets first, then move onto Circular+.

*The images vibe was edited with Circular+.*

The last app for this blog post is Roll World. What makes this app special is you have lots of effects and control in making you Tiny Planets. You can even buy into the in-app purchase and open up video effects. The video part of this app really put this app on the map. It’s like the developer took what you did with Droste effect and added into this app. Roll World is universal to the iPad and FREE with in-app purchases !!! It doesn’t matter what your editing skill level is with mobile editing. It’s made for all levels. You have endless possibilities. Depending what iOS device you’re using will determines your resolutions saves and video output. Overall I feel this is the best app of the Tiny Planets comparison.

*Video demo was edited with Roll World.*

Tiny List:

Tiny Planet Photo – FREE with in-app purchases
Living Planet – $1.99
Circular+ – $1.99
Roll World – FREE with in-app purchases

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and check out the apps. If you have any questions about this blog post, please leave comments, have a nice evening and see you soon.



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