Combo Apps/Introducing Calista

I’m introducing you to a new app called Calista by THINKSUIT. Calista offers graphic, text and design layers, that are app applied on top of your photos. For a creative artistic to graphic look to your photos or mobile artwork. What sets this app apart from other graphic apps on the market are the original graphics. You can also mask the graphics with a brush tool, blend you layers and move the graphics around your photo. The tools are powerful and work very smoothly.

Tutorial: Calista – Photo Editing

Tutorial: Calista – Add Templates & Share

Those were two tutorials in how the app operates. Over all I give Calista high marks for being original and creative. It’s an app worth having in your collection. The graphics pretty much fits with just about every mobile artist out there. The app is very easy to use and universal to the iPad, works great with iOS 8 and optimise to work with iPhone 6/6+.

Calista is on sale at the intro price of $.99 and will go up to $2.99 in the very near future. I feel $.99 is a steal and worth the $2.99 price tag. There are in-app purchases to open up 3 more template packs.

Caliata Screen Shots

If you get Calista make sure to follow Steve on Instagram @calista_app and the hash tag #calista_app. Like the Facebook page to open a template pack and rate/review the app to open another template pack. At the moment I can think of any suggestions about the app but if you come up with some suggestions, make sure you do it through the app. Then tap on Feedback & Question button (shown up above).

I want to thank Steve for finding me on Twitter and providing a code for me to test out and write about his app. I leave you with another app by THINKSUIT called TACU. If you have any questions just leave comments on the blog post, have a great day and see you soon !!!



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13 Responses to Combo Apps/Introducing Calista

  1. Always good to know about new apps. Thank you!

  2. wstairs says:

    looks interesting! 👍👍 would like yo try this out

  3. Joseulise says:

    This app looks like a lot of fun. I really wantto try it out soon. Thanks for the review.

  4. Julie Johnson says:

    Beenwanting to know more about it and a review. Thanks for explainingit more

  5. Kimberly says:

    Looks wonderful! I would love to play with this app! Thank you for keeping us informed…👏👏👏

  6. melia says:

    this looks like a great new app. would love to try it. thanks.

  7. Andrew Cameron-Mitchell says:

    Superb idea – love to try the real thing………..

  8. Ithalu says:

    Looks like a great app Tina. 😊

  9. Anne says:

    I’m always on the look out for apps like this one. I just check @calista_app and they have amazing pic designs that I would really love to try/use ^_^
    Honestly I’ve never heard or read about Calista before, thanks a lot for sharing!

  10. Shruti says:

    You always introduce me to really cool apps. Thank you 😍

  11. Nanashi Satori says:

    I downloaded this app a bit ago and was quite impressed with the art overlays … not cheesy at all but very professional … really like the app!

  12. Elvia B says:

    Looks interesting and fun. Thanks for the info.

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