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Today I’m going to talk about some new apps by developer Sebastian Short. He created KitCamera in place of the KitCam that was taken off the market because the Ghost Bird buyout. The apps I wanted you to check out are pretty cool for what they do. Toward the end of this post I’ll give you a list of all Sebastian Short Apps and linked to the U.S. App Store.

Photo/Video Sync

First app I wanted to talk about is Photo/Video Sync. What this does is a photo manager for your camera roll. It helps organise your photo so you can send them off to social media or cloud services. It’s a great little app and works pretty good. It was only glitchy with Google Drive but the other places seemed to work fine. The app is FREE for a limited time and normally $.99. Photo/Video Sync is universal to the iPad and works pretty good with iOS 8.

HDR Camera from KitCamera

Next app is HDR Camera from KitCamera. This app is great for HDR mobile photography. It has the exposure settings right at your finger tips for bracketing your shots. I would recommend using this app with a tripod setup and cable release. It’s old school HDR photo taking and you don’t want movement going on during your photo session. What’s nice is you can take more than the normal three shots to bring out more details in your photo when merging. You must have iOS 8 on your iPhone or iPad to use this app. HDR Camera was made to take advantage of the iOS 8 camera functions for iPhone 6/6+. This app is also FREE so it’s well worth the pick up and testing out some landscape photos.

Low-Noise Camera

The last app is Low-Noise Camera. This app was made to take HDR night photos that reduces digital noise. Again recommend using a tripod and cable release with this app. It takes full advantage of the iOS 8 camera features so again it’s made for iPhone 6/6+. The app is FREE and universal to the iPad. I feel it’s worth the pick up and testing out.

Sebastian Short App List:

Photo/Video Sync – $.99 *FREE for a limited time*
Low-Noise Camera – FREE
HDR Camera from KitCamera – FREE
Video Editor + – FREE
Camera Fisheye – FREE
Horizon – FREE
MonoColor Camera – $.99 *FREE for a limited time*
KitCam – FREE
KitCamera – $4.99 with in-app purchases

Overall Sebastian Short apps embodies the spirit of KitCam (Ghost Bird). The apps are great and I use KitCamera a lot for taking camera effects photos. Most of the apps are free, work well and great for people starting out in mobile photography to advance mobile photographers. The developer is really nice and likes getting feedback and suggestions. Make sure to write reviews in the App Store or contact the in the website here. If you have any question just leave comments on this blog post. Have a great day and see you soon !!!



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3 Responses to Combo Apps/Sebastian Short Apps

  1. ima_soulman says:

    Thanks always looking for cool apps cheers

  2. Kevin says:

    Help, I tried to contact support via the websites contact link ( and the link won’t send the message after the form is filled out. Kitcamera crashes when I move the white balance slider. Can someone help with this?

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