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LiveBlend for iPhone and iPad, double exposure photography like a pro. New York — January 5th 2015 — Eric Kunz today released LiveBlend for iOS. LiveBlend does something amazing. It can make great double exposure style photos and videos with the blending effect shown realtime in the camera preview. This lets the user compose a photo while already seeing what it will look like blended with another photo. The app allows the user to blend with any image they have on their device.

LiveBlend Press Images

LiveBlend is the only app in the App Store that blends any image with the camera’s image in realtime. This replicates a feature that is currently only found on high-end DSLRs.

LiveBlend Screen Shots

LiveBlend Features

– See double exposure effect in realtime
– Blend with any image
– Produces high resolution photos
– Records 1080p video

You can download a free set of images to use with LiveBlend, click >HERE< and make sure you have DropBox to get these images.

LiveBlend Indoor Demo

I did a Google search for PNG files. I found a few and played with them indoors. It came out ok…so I went outside.

LiveBlend Macro Demo

This was taken outside using my Olloclip Macro 14x. I did some minor editing to clean up the photo after shooting. This was a hard shoot to do and I pulled out my Shoulderpod for assistance. I had to take several shots to get right.

What I like is LiveBlend is a very nice concept. It has a pretty good start for a 1.0 version. I also like that you’re forced to take photos with this app. You can also make video creations with this app too.

Suggestion for future updates are more preloaded images, have the ability to swipe left to right for preloaded images. Higher resolution saves would be nice, the save now is 1920 x 1080 on my iPhone 4S. I’m not sure what the saves are on the other iPhone models but the resolution needs to go up. I would a grip display if I have to take photos with LiveBlend. That would be helpful. The ability to change aspect ration format, like 1:1, 2:3, 4:3 and 16:9. Square format (1:1) especially for loading your creations onto Instagram with auto hash tag #LiveBlend.

Pricing and Availability

LiveBlend is available on the App Store for just 99¢ / £0.69 / €0.79. LiveBlend is designed for iPhone and iPad. Your device has to have iOS 8 to be able to use this app.

I want to thank Eric Kunz for giving me a code to write about LiveBlend. You can follow Eric on Instagram @ericjkunz and @liveblend. If you have the app, make sure you hash tag your images #liveblend so Eric can see them. If you have any questions about this blog post, please leave comments. HAPPY NEW YEAR and see you soon !!!



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  1. Nanashi Satori says:

    Happy New Years! Thanks for this great blog … the app looks very cool … will check it out … thanks!

  2. Happy New Year and happy birthday for the blog. Promising app…

  3. Erika figueroa says:

    Happy Birthday!! Always great post !! And thanks for all the info and knolege !!! Great post !! Thank you!

  4. Esperluete says:

    Happy new year and happy birthday. This app looks great.

  5. nico says:

    Happy new year and happy birthday.Interesting, you should try it.

  6. Rachel Pourchier says:

    How did he create the original images of the ballerina?

  7. Ithalu says:

    This app is what I’m looking for. Thank you Tina.

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