Combo Apps/The Black and White Photo App List

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These apps are just straight Black and White only. They might have monotone feature such as Sepia and/or Cyanotype editing. In my opinion these are top apps to get these results you’re looking for with your black and white photos without using a whole lot of other apps. My favourite black and white camera app is Hueless. MPro is a close second but I have crashing issues after prolong use of the app. These apps are great for taking black and white photos on the fly. They also have great manual controls and filters to enhance your photos.

Simply B&W Demo

Simply B&W is one of my favourite editing app. What makes the app great are two things. One it’s FREE !!! Two are the filters to bring out details or make your photos dramatic. I also feel it’s important to add grain to the photos. Because when I think of Black and White, film and silver gelatin paper comes to mind. The photo above was edited with Simply B&W.

San Diego Skyline

Monokrom is another great black and white editing app without all the photo jargon to get in the way. It’s very easy to use with a very intuitive UI. I to use this app to make other monochrome types of edits. The app is only $.99 and steal of deal. The photo above was edited with Monokrom.

Dramatic Black and White

The next app is Dramatic Black and White by JixiPix. It’s one of the more powerful black and white apps. You have a ton of tools at your disposals and dramatic effects. There are two version of the app, you have to get them separately for the iPhone and iPad. I have both versions. The iPhone version has the new slick design and UI. The photo above was edited with Dramatic Black and White.


CinematicsBW is the last app I’ll talk about. It’s a very simple app to operate. I really like the results. You can’t go wrong a with this app. CinematicsBW is only $.99, so pick it up.

It’s really important to take properly exposed photos. Black and White teaches you the basics in how to take properly well exposed photos. It’s also a lot easier than colour because you don’t have to colour balance your photos. Black and White is about forms and details or negative and positive space. It’s the most forgiving type of photography.

Black and White List:

Provoke Camera – $.99
MonoPhix – $.99
MonoPhix HD – $1.99 iPad only
Archaic – FREE
SepiaCamera – FREE
B&W Lab – $1.99
MonoTaste – FREE
Noir – $2.99
Noir Pro Photo App – FREE
Noir Photo FX – $1.99
Monochromia – $1.99
TonalTopia – $.99
TonalTopia HD – $.99 iPad only
Tintype – FREE with in-app purchases
Tintype Camera – $.99
Strut Type – $1.99
MonoVu – FREE with in-app purchases
ZebraFilm – $.99
Lenka – FREE
Koloid – $.99

*All apps are linked to the U.S. App Store*

If you have any questions please leave comments, have fun and check out the apps. I know there are other black and white apps out there, just leave your list in the comments. I leave you with a Crispy Black and White slideshow, see you soon…



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  1. fotosynimaging says:

    Hey Tina thanks for adding Simply B&W to your list. It’s been a great year getting the app in shape and there’s more to come for the app in 2015! Have a great Christmas x

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