Combo Apps/The Road to Recovery

Halloween 2014

The doctor and OT/PT (Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy) have asked me what’s been the secret to the fast recovery since the stroke. Well it started after being elected to the PTA in September and helping out the kids in Ms. Spitzer’s First Grade Class. Then on Halloween, Ms. Spitzer’s asked me to carve the pumpkin. I was a little hesitant in doing it because of my right hand. Well I started to cut around the top with my right hand and it was hard but I was doing it. Eventually I carved out the pumpkin and made this Jack-o-lantern. How I made it glow was stuck two mice upside down in the Jack-o-lantern. I was really excited that I did the whole thing with my right hand. It was numb but I was happy with myself.

Vida's Classmates

Here’s a picture of Vida and her classmates. I’m cutting out Vida’s Flat Stanley and cutting out turkeys. I coloured and cut one out for Ms. Spitzer so she can use it for next year.

Vida's Flat Stanley

This is Vida’s Flat Stanley. Stanley was mailed off to Amsterdam to my friend Claudia Dinkeloo. I have some photos of Stanley in Amsterdam. I plan to write a future post about and show pictures of “Stanley in Amsterdam” since it’s all done with Claudia’s iPhone. Stanley has been around town, out to eat and been to a Fashion Show.

Perler Beads 2014

Another special project was working with the kids with Perler Beads and templates. Some of the kids were having problems, so they asked for my help. I taught them how colour and contrast works. Then explain how to visualise of seeing these shapes in their heads. Some I just did it for them because they got frustrated with the beads and placing them on the template. I had fun doing these with the kids, sitting at the table and talking to them.

Two Trouble Makers

These are the trouble makers in Ms. Spitzer’s class. They are also the smart kids and get their work done quickly. Christopher and Johnicia can’t sit still for long and their thoughts move a mile a second. It just amazes me how they seem to understand what I’m talking about most of the time. They can keep up with me showing them stuff. Even when they make bad choices, you forgive them so quickly because of their attention span.

Poinsettia Christmas Card 2014

The last photo is a Poinsettia Christmas Card I made based on The Mexican Folklore of La Flor de Noche Buena: The Poinsettia. Ms. Spitzer’s read the story to the class. Then we had cut outs and glued our cards together while listening to Christmas Music. After I made the card I told Ms. Spitzer we should put glitter on the cards. I would help the kids put glitter on the cards. First I made mine and it was hard for me to use the glue bottle. I manage to get the glue on best I could. I showed her my card and the teacher got excited. I took Johnicia out with me first to do her card. I put on the glue and told her to sprinkle the glitter on her card. We counted to 20 out loud. Johnicia watched me shake off all the glitter. Her eyes lit up when she saw how the glue and glitter worked. I told her to show Ms. Spitzer. I had a few kids outside with me for the next Glitter Demo. Ms. Spitzer said, “I want Ms. Tina to work with me until I retire !!!” I was really shocked to hear that and the kids giggled out side. The real magic was putting the glue on the cards. Then letting the kids sprinkle glitter all over their cards. Then the 20 second count down. Last was watching their eyes light up with delight as I shook off the glitter from their cards. That is way beyond priceless and a moment I can always remember. You can have all the money and material wealth in the world but you can’t buy moments spending time and helping children out at school. Especially Ms. Spitzer’s First Grade Class…


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2 Responses to Combo Apps/The Road to Recovery

  1. eucalyptha says:

    Great blog Tina. Enjoyed reading it. Stanley says he is having a great time here although he does not enjoy the cold much. He is looking forward to more fun things to do!!

  2. Ithalu says:

    Wow! Me gusta tu tarjeta de la flor de noche buena. 😊

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