Combo Apps/New Universal Pocket Tripods

Pocket Tripod PR images

Pocket Tripod is going universal !!!

We’re excited to tell you that 3 of our new Adapter sizes are now ready!
Our new adapter design allows space for iPhones with cases. These Adapters have deeper openings with room for protrusions from most common case shapes. They are not made for specific iPhones, rather they are made to standard sizes. So most non-Apple smartphones of the same size will work with these adapters too !!!

Pocket Tripod PR images

The first 3 adapter sizes (in black) that we have available are:

7.0 mm Adapter
-Bare Apple iPhone 6 (with or without thin screen protector)
-Bare Apple iPhone 6 Plus (with or without thin screen protector)
Note: Because of its large size, the iPhone 6-Plus will tip over if tilted beyond 45º when placed in the portrait position.
-Apple iPod Touch 5th Gen with a 1mm thick case.

7.5 mm Adapter
-Bare Apple iPhone 5 or 5S (without a screen protector)
-Bare Apple iPhone 6 or 6 Plus (with a thick glass screen protector)
-Apple iPod Touch 5th Gen with a 1.5mm thick case.

9.0 mm Adapter
-Apple iPhone 6 or 6 Plus (with a slim 2.0mm case)
-Bare Apple iPhone 5C (with or without a thin screen protector)
-Apple iPhone 5/5S Plus (with a slim 1.5mm case)
-Bare Apple iPhone 4/4S (without a screen protector)
-Samsung Galaxy s4 (with a 1mm thick case)
-Samsung Galaxy s5 (with a 1mm thick case)

Pocket Tripod PR images

If your unique device is not listed above, or if you like to be sure of the fit, you can ask us to send you a Fit Card for ¢99. It’s a plastic template with openings of the same sizes as the adapters that we have, or plan to manufacture.

If the Adapter size you need is still not available, please let us know by reserving the model you need for free. This way we’ll know what sizes to make next.

Pocket Tripod PR images

3-in-1 Retail Box Pocket Tripod

We are also very excited to announce a new addition to our product line. Alongside working on the adapters, we’ve also been busy with designing the Pocket Tripod as a premium retail-ready product. A product that would be ready to use, right out of the box. This retail-box version comes with the new 7.0mm Pocket Tripod for the iPhone 6/6+, as well as the other two new adapters (7.5mm and 9.0mm), making it compatible with most devices and cases.

It’s available for purchase from our website right now, and we think that it would make a perfect gift for the holidays. As being part of our mailing list, you also get a $5 discount on this new retail-box model. Just enter this coupon code during checkout: gift-pt-ip6 (valid for until Dec 9th)

Last but not least, we’ve also re-designed our website, and if you haven’t visited it lately you should definitely check it out:



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