Combo Apps/The Best New Apps of 2014

This blog post are the app I felt were the new apps of 2014. It’s going to be an interesting mix of apps. What makes these apps the best are they’re easy to operate, powerful, not loaded with in-app purchases and beautiful editing results. All 10 apps were released in 2014. So sit down relax and read what I felt were the new apps of 2014.

1. Hyperlapse from Instagram is number one for making it easy to make time lapse videos without a tripod set up. It’s simple to operate, save and move onto the next clip. The app itself does all the work for you with no fuss/no muss attitude. I made lots of great time lapse clips with Boyce and Vida. You can’t go wrong with the FREE price tag, no in-app purchases (like some video apps) and works with iOS 8.

2. Pixelmator is number two for its powerful photo editing tools and simple interface. It’s an iPad only. Even when people were having iOS 8 issues (me included) Pixelmator shined through. I see great updates in the future with this app. So move over Adobe Touch, you’ve just been replaced. Pixelmator has a $4.99 price tag, iPad Only and works very well on iOS 8.

3. Reflect+ is number 3 and on of the best water reflection app. It’s loaded with great editing tool, different water reflections and cool effects. Simple to operate, makes your images come to life and universal to the iPad. Reflect+ sells for $1.99 in the App Store.

4. PhotoMotion is number 4 on the list. This app is one of the best Ken Burns effect slide show apps I have ever used. The put the power In your hands to make professional slide shows. PhotoMotion is universal to the iPad, sells for $1.99 and works with iOS 8.

Brushstroke 2.0 Sample

5. Brushstroke is number 5 on the list. It’s an app that turns your photos into paintings. It one of the most realistic painting apps I’ve used so far. They just has a huge update, added canvas textures, painting effects and paint tones. This is a very powerful painting app, universal to the iPad, sells for $2.99 and made for iOS 8.

6. Living Planet – Tiny Planet is number 6 on the list. Just when you think you couldn’t make a video app that is set apart from the rest. Then Living Planet hits the App Store and people go wild making Tiny Planet videos. It’s truly a very innovative video app, simple to operate and converts very well. I took a series of Hyperlapse clips and converted them into Tiny Planet clips and pasted the clips together and made this video. It’s Vida drawing with chalk on the side walk. Living Planet is universal to the iPad, sells for $1.99 and works with iOS 8.

Fold Defy 3D for iPad

7. Fold Defy is number 7 on the list. What I love is having the ability to make your photos/images have that folding look. The creases look realistic, you can choose different paper textures and you can make your fold look very three dimensional. This is a very powerful editing effect and renders nicely. Jixipix has set the bar in making artistic apps and Fold Defy has topped the list. If you want iPad version (Fold Defy HD) you have to buy it separately for $2.99. The iPhone version sells for the same price of $2,99 and both work with iOS 8.

8. SKEW is number 8 on the list. This app is great for taking you distorted and crocked photos and straighten them out. It’s one of the best app I’ve use to straighten photos out. The developer did his home work when making this app. It’s one of the few apps that after I straighten a photo, it looks straighten and not off kilter. SKEW sells for $1,99, universal to the iPad and works with iOS 8.

9. Glitch Wizard is number 9 ob the list. You can make a Glitch GIF video or glitches out images. You have total control of the out come with your glitches. You can pile your glitches up and make GIF loop creations. It’s definitely a step ahead compared to a lot of the glitch apps. Glitch Wizard is universal to the iPad, sells for $1.99 and work with iOS 8.

10. Kinomatic is number 10 on the list. If you want to make mobile videos or movies. This is the app you will need, not only does it do movies but it edits movies too. You can add text, cut, and paste clips. You can share your clips easily too. I can see why it was best new app. What else was nice are no in-app purchases. What you buy is what you get in this all included video app. Kinomatic sells for $3.99 and made for iOS 8.

This is my top ten list of 2014. It’s a very mixed list because a lot of different photo apps came out this year. Just because you don’t see other apps, it doesn’t mean they were bad apps. There were a lot of great apps that came out this year, so check them out. If you want add your apps that you think were the best when you make comments. Have a nice evening and see you soon.



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5 Responses to Combo Apps/The Best New Apps of 2014

  1. Nanashi Satori says:

    Great list! I love most of the apps listed … as for some of them, I need to see if Santa can work some iPad magic for me 😇 … happy holidays Tina and all!

  2. Nice list Tina! Brushstroke has become a regular part of my painterly edits. I have all of here and definitely need to experiment even more with Pixelmator. It’s a powerhouse

  3. Jimmy says:

    Great list. I actually learned about a couple new apps. I was also a little surprised to see Fold Defy up there. Great app that has received very little attention. Thanks for the read.

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