Combo Apps/My Top Product List 2014

2014 Mobile Products

This list is about mobile products I’ve use in 2014 and things you might be looking for to enhance your mobile photography or mobile artistry. I will show you 10 products I feel are worth looking at and picking up for the holidays. You may disagree with me but this is my list. I also have all of these products too and used them heavily.

10. The Beastgrip is one of the best grips I’ve used and seen in 2014. Beastgrip works with most smartphones from your iPhone 4S to Galaxy Note 3. You can mount 37mm lens or mount a DoF adapter and mount old 52mm SLR lenses or DSLR lenses. The Beastgrip is very robust and can handle any situation. There’s even a cold show mount to mount a flash or a mic. The Beastgrip sells for $79.99 and worth every penny. Get it while you can stock is limited and once they’re gone, the Beastgrip is gone and you’ll have to wait for the Beastgrip Pro.

9. Recoil Winders, this product comes in handy to keep your mobile cords and earbuds from getting tangled up. It’s easy to use and love mine. They comes in 3 sizes, small, medium and large. You can buy them separately or a set of three. This product is great for anyone who wants to keep their cords organised and less wear and tear on your cords. Prices start at $9.99 to $27.99.

8. Universal GLIF, great universal mobile tripod mount or mobile smartphone stand. The Universal GLIF work with most smartphones in the 4.7 inch screens. It’s one of the best mobile photo products to have handy. It cost $30 and it’s all made in the USA. I also love the Cosmonaut Stylus and worth the pick up at $25.

7. Rechargeable Apex Fine Point Stylus, this is one of the best smart stylus I’ve use thus far. You can use this stylus with any app just buy clicking the button. The Apex Fine Point sells for $69.99 but it’s on sale for $59.99. You can order a set of replacement (soft or hard) tips.

6. My 2nd Brain Tablet is a great bag for mobile artist and photographers. The bag is tough, durable and compact enough to pack your iPad and your mobile photo gear. The bags comes in 3 colours and sells for $74.75 but is one sale for $52.33. If you want a small compact should bag, My 2nd Brain is the way to go.

5. strong>Nova is a handheld Bluetooth flash that fits in your pocket. This portable flash is really amazing and has a really awesome camera app to go along with this product. You can even use Nova with PureShot and 645 PRO Mk III camera apps. This portable flash even has adjustable light temperature and brightness settings. The Nova Flash sells for $59.00 and worth the pick up.

Wired Remote Shutter Release Cord for iPhones / iPads / iPods

4. DCkina’s Wired Remote Shutter Release Cord for iOS mobile devices is one of the best shutter remotes I’ve used thus far. It’s easy to use, all you do is plug in the shutter remote in the earphone jack. The shutter remote works with any camera app that has the volume shutter. I’ve used this remote heavily on set up and action shots with my iPhone. You can pick up this shutter remote for $5.90. If you have an Android Mobile Device, no problem. You can get the Android version for the same price, $5.90.

3. SquidCam Hybrid Case and 4-in-1 lens system is the best all around case and lens system. After talking to the creator/designer of the case, he sent me coated lenses and made a big difference with my mobile photos. The hybrid case is really awesome with great durability.


2. DCkina’s Fisheye (+macro) and Wide Angle (+macro) magnet lens system are the best in mobile photography. I did a test comparison with other lens system. These magnet lenses hold up well in the competition. I was really surprised in how sharp the photos came out and the contrast in the photos. You can pick up the Fisheye (+macro) for $14.30 and the Wide Angle (+macro) for $7.05. It’s the best deal for mobile lenses. They’re also universal when changing to different iPhones or any smartphone.

1. Shoulderpod S1 professional smartphone rig is my favourite product of 2014. It’s one of the most durable handheld rigs that literally fits in your pocket. I used the Shoulder for making movie clips with Hyperlapse and shooting macro photos. This rig came in handy after I had my stroke. It helped me to take mobile photos again. This handy tool saved me and gave me hope so I could tell my stories. The price on the Shoulderpod S1 is $34.90. It’s worth every penny and if I go shooting movies…this baby comes with me.

I hope you enjoyed the product list. If you have any questions please leave comments, have a great day and see you soon.



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7 Responses to Combo Apps/My Top Product List 2014

  1. rakusribut says:

    wow, great overview of mobile gear, tina! i immediately ordered the shoulderpod, have been looking for a better way to hold my iphone with my disabled hands and i think this might be it! thanks ever so much for sharing!

  2. eucalyptha says:

    Great review. I am thinking of getting the shoulderpod and the case.

  3. Nanashi Satori says:

    Thanks for the list! Very informative and useful .. Nova flash looks interesting

  4. Good list of products and I especially like the ShoulderPod, as I have one and use it often.

  5. Jimmy says:

    I was really interested in SquidCam until I saw the price. Just out of my budget at the moment, but the concept is really cool.

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