Combo Apps/iCorrect OneClick Color

Sepia Leaf

Tonight I’m going to talking about a simple editing app with adjustable resolution saves. It’s called iCorrect OneClick Color by FreshAir Software. The top photo was taken with Hipstamatic and edited with iCorrect.

All Photos-5904

The app will start like this after the upload. It will ask to take a photo or load a photo. I’m going to load a photo.

All Photos-5905

I’ve loaded up my photo and ready to start editing. As you can see it a really simple app with simple correction tools.

All Photos-5906

I tapped on the sepia button to try out how well it works. By far I think this is one of the better sepia mo notion conversions I’ve seen on an app. I don’t really have to do a lot of correcting because the original photo was taken properly. When you take a photo properly it helps when you do monotone conventions. You want to make sure your details are well expose so you only have to do minor adjustments or in this case minor corrections.

All Photos-5907

The save is pretty cut and dry. You get full resolution saves but I’ll show you something else.

All Photos-5911

You can also do custom resolution saves with iCorrect. Something I wish more apps would offer in saving photos. You can do 4096 x 4096 saves. That is the res you can do with most photo apps.

iCorrect Demo Sepia

This is my save corrected photo in Sepia. The results came out really nice and I’m pleased.

iCorrect Demo Black and White

iCorrect has been around in the App Store for awhile. It’s a stable, simple to operate with adjustable resolution saves and works with iOS 8. My only complaint is its a little overpriced for what it does. What I would like to see added are curves, levels and channel mixer. You have to get two separate version for the iPhone and iPad. Each version is $2.99, so it’s a little expensive but you get high resolution saves.

iCorrect OneClick Color – $2.99
iCorrect OneClick Color for iPad HD – $2.99 iPad Only

I want to thank the developer for giving me a copy of iCorrect. If you have any questions about this blog post please leave comments, have a good evening and see you soon.



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6 Responses to Combo Apps/iCorrect OneClick Color

  1. Ithalu says:

    Thank you Tina. 🙂

  2. thx tina, great app, i’ve been trying to find a way to fine tune the colors in my shots and this really seems to do the trick very well. and yes, it would be awesome if they added curves and a channel mixer as well 😉

  3. rjllane says:

    Hello Tina.

    Thanks for bringing this app to light (so to speak -;)

    I’m happy paying money for apps that only do one thing, provided that they do it well. This is a case in point. It does an excellent job of white balance adjustment – I’m pleased to have spent my money on it.

    Do you know if the developer is planning an iOS 8 update? The last update was in 2013 for iOS 7. I know that it is hard for developers to keep up, but it would be a shame to see this app fade away. Curves plus channel mixing would be great additions, but I’d settle just for maintenance of the existing functionality.

    On another topic, which app do you think has the best noise reduction/attenuation functionality these days? On OS X or Windows, Topaz Denoise is still the best, but on iOS? Photoshop Express used to be my choice, but it went away, then came back, and I’m not so sure anymore. My candidates would be …
    – Photoshop Express.
    – Filterstorm Neue (Separate strength and threshold controls).
    – Photogene 4 (Separate chroma and luminance controls).
    – NoiseMaster (Simple interface)
    – Noiseware (From Imagenomic who have a very good standalone and Photoshop offering)

    Would love to know your thoughts.

    … MomentsForZen (Richard)

    • ashcroft54 says:

      2015, I’ll do an update comparison with noise reduction apps. I have to write one of the developers. It’s does need an update comparison.

      • rjllane says:

        Excellent, Tina. I’l look forward to it. You are the only person that I can think of who is still actively using iOS photography apps (and using an iPhone) and blogging about it … and I trust and value your thoughts.

        Stay healthy and happy … MomentsForZen (Richard)

      • ashcroft54 says:

        Well I’m glad you trust me, I really try hard in making sure I do things properly. Plus I like doing the technical and geeky blog writing. 😊

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