Combo Apps/JixiPix Black Friday 2014

JixiPix PR image

This Black Friday save 30% on all Mac and Windows apps on with coupon code: BLACKFRIDAY2014

That’s not all !!! You can get Jixi’s Mac Apps for 30% off at the Mac App Store.

iPhone, iPad and Android Apps for $ 0.99.

Simply HDR
Portrait Painter
Dramatic Black & White
PhotoArtista – Oil
Vintage Scene
Pop Dot Comics
Moku Hanga
PhotoArtista – Haiku
Romantic Photo
PhotoArtista – Sketch
NIR Color
Rainy Daze
Kyoobik Photo
Snow Daze
Hallows Eve
Fold Defy

Simply HDR-HD
PhotoArtistaHD – Oil
Portrait Painter HD
Vintage Scene HD
Dramatic Black & White HD
Aquarella HD
Moku Hanga HD
Grungetastic HD
Romantic Photo HD
Pop Dot Comics HD
PhotoArtistaHD – Haiku
PhotoArtistaHD – Sketch
Artoon HD
NIR Color HD
Rainy Daze HD
Snow Daze HD
Kyoobik Photo HD
Chalkspiration HD
Fold Defy HD

Vintage Scene – Android
Hallows Eve – Android
Simply HDR – Android
Grungetastic – Android
Snow Daze – Android
Portrait Painter – Android
PhotoArtistra – Oil – Android
Moku Hanga – Android
Fold Defy – Android
Dramatic Black and White – Android

Get them on sale while you can on the App Store and Google Play!

Jixipix PR image



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One Response to Combo Apps/JixiPix Black Friday 2014

  1. eucalyptha says:

    Jixi Pix..My fave apps! Thanks for sharing Tina!

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