Combo Apps/Glaze Section, My Secret Weapon


There’s a guy on Instagram @columnsovsleep_. I’ve know Joel Adversing on iPhone Arts and EyeEm. I’ve had Joel as a guest blogger. The app that Joel turned me onto was Glaze because he can make this app shine in his mobile artwork. He is arguably one of the best mobile artist to use Glaze, in my opinion.

Glaze Section Intro Demo

There are readers and followers that ask me, what app did you use ? I tell them Glaze but there’s a section I used in Glaze very heavily. Like the image up above, I’ll show you this section in the app.

All Photos-5862

I have the image I’m going to use in the demo loaded up. You can see the section I’m going to use below the image. This is my secret weapon I use for mobile editing. This section has an amazing way of making textures work for me.

All Photos-5863

All Photos-5864

All Photos-5865

All Photos-5866

All Photos-5867

These are to me the 5 definitive section in Glaze and the secret in make your images amazing.

Glaze Section Demo

This is how I make my images have that graphic comic book look to them.

All Photos-5870

There is another section I really like on Glaze, that has a very glossy with subtle textures on you images. I’ll use this a lot and combine one of those 5 painting on top of each other. Then I’ll play with the images with DXP and see what type of image I get. You can also use Image Blender, Leonardo and other blending and layers apps.

Glaze Section Demo - 2

You can also buy the masking tool on Glaze. I haven’t bought it because I’ll just use Paint FX for masking and blending my images. I’ve been told by a few people the tool work well. If anyone wants to get me an iTunes Card so I can buy it and write about, just email me

Glaze is <FREE with in-app purchases, universal to the iPad and works with iOS 8.

A Shift In The Galaxy

There’s another secret I want to share with you is I have eyes for details. I will study an image and look deeply for details. Most of the time I can figure out what apps were used in most mobile editing images. But nowadays it take times for me to look at images in details and this will mentally exhaust me. This is why I spend time at Vida’s school in helping kids with their writing, spelling and math. It helps my brain to heal and build up my mental endurance. So look at the image above and look for Glaze in this image and let me know in the comments if you see it. Have a great day and see you soon, just leave comments if you have any questions.



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5 Responses to Combo Apps/Glaze Section, My Secret Weapon

  1. Nanashi Satori says:

    Thanks Tina … I think it is time to unlock glaze … I’ve only used glaze a few times and only the default presets … the ones that require purchase looks rather neat! Great galactic edit btw!

  2. Steven gamez says:

    Wow I always wondered how u did a lot these styles would love this app to add to my collection thanks 👌🙌🙌🔥🔥🔥

  3. Kimberly says:

    Wonderful app…thank you for this post!

  4. Lilian Alves says:

    Love this app and have the in app purchase. Functions really well. I should use it more…

  5. Elvia B says:

    Thank you for the info. I will attempt to use glaze more often.

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