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Effects Studio Demo 2

Today I was browsing through AppShopper and came across an app called Effects Color. I picked it up because it’s free for a limited time and tried it out. I like it so I decided to write about it.

Camera Roll-5503

I loaded the app from my iPhone and these are the basic screen shots. You start with a sample demo photo first but you don’t have to use that photo. I loaded a photo and wanted to check out their Gloom filter. All I have to say is if you’re like me and dislike Gloomlogue, this is the app to get to replace it.

Effects Studio  Demo 1

This is my edited photo done with Effects Studio and using the Gloom Filter. Here’s the reason why this app will replace Gloomlogue, full resolution saves, no PNG file saves and no constant pop ups messages to rate my app. There are many other filters, tools and features with Effects Studio too.

Glitch with Effects Color

There is one minor problem with the Effects Studio. If you pile up filters you will get a glitch cut off save. If you noticed there’s a black cut off on the right side of the image. So be careful on how much you pile on the filters and I’m sure there will be an update to fix this glitch.

Effects Color Demo 3

Overall Effects Studio is a must have app to have in your app hoarding collection. It one has one minor problem but has so many positives going on with this app. Effects Studio normally sells for $1.99 but it’s FREE for a limited time, universal to the iPad and no in-app purchases. One last thing Effects Studio works with iOS 8. If you have any questions about this blog post, please leave comments. Have a great day and see you soon.



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