Combo Apps/Exposure

You just watched a simple Color Splash demo from the app Exposure. Just like the video I made a color splash edit and you will see the photo later in the blog post.

Here’s a simple Bokeh demo video.

Here’s a simple Miniature demo video.

Color Splash Viday

Here is color splash Vida, edited with Exposure and pretty easy to do just like in the video demo. A simple swipe and zoom in and out of areas in your photos to get in those tight spots. Sadly the resolution save is 1200 x 1200 but that’s what makes the app stable and runs so smoothly. If you have the iPhone 6/6+ and/or iPad Air 2, check the resolution save and let me know what you get (by making comments on the blog post).

Exposure Demo

Updates I would like to see in the future are the ability apply layers on top of the photo without masking, high resolution save, blending modes and more editing effects. Overall Exposure is AWESOME and POWERFUL. The developers took traditional masking tools and made masking effects/filters easier. Like most powerful editing apps, Exposure has tons of potential to grow and becoming one of the best mobile editing apps. The app is universal to the iPad and Exposure sells for $1.99.

Now is you want to send feedback or suggestions for Exposure, the email is If you want to follow Exposure on Instagram and official hash tag is #appexposure. I want to thank the team at Exposure for giving me an app code to try and write a review about their app. If you have any question about this blog post, please leave comment. Have a nice evening and see you soon.



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20 Responses to Combo Apps/Exposure

  1. Julie says:

    Masking tools are always useful, hope I’m lucky with a code!

  2. Pranav Jayaraj says:

    As always awesome review. The best part is the illustrations and video. 👍

  3. Danny says:

    Great review and hopefully they bump up resolution in future updates.

  4. creatiwu says:

    Great app. I would like to try my luck! Thanks!

  5. Joseph says:

    Wicked post!!

  6. 7charlie85 says:

    Wow it looks really easy!

  7. eucalyptha says:

    Great review as always. Would like to try the app.

  8. imapurrson says:

    Exposure looks well thought out with an easy looking UI. Vida’s color splash picture came out very cute! I’d like to try the app out. 😃

  9. I was thinking if it was worth to pay $1.99 for another color splash app. Well, I will go get it! Loved the photo of Vida. 🙂

  10. danmblog says:

    Read in AppStore reviews that the end results are pixelated. Would love try it and see for myself. Thanks!

  11. Chris says:

    Hmmm, the results do look very nice indeed…
    But the resolution should be (at least) doubled to be really usefull…

    • Chris says:

      I just watched all their demo-videos got to admit…it looks very impressive…

      The masking reminds me of Tadaa HD/SLR/3D and it seems to work just as good.
      The effects also look very nice (I like the Tilt-Shift especially)!

      This app is now definitely on my watch-list….. 🙂

  12. Ithalu says:

    I’m late! But looks a great and easy app 🙂 thank you Tina.

  13. Julie Johnson says:

    This looks interesting . Good review

  14. Paloma Rez says:

    This app seems interesting! I always love trying out new apps and would love to try this one 🙂

  15. Elvia B says:

    App looks wonderful. Hope to have a chance to win. Thanks for the info.

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