Combo Apps/Ten Novelty Apps (500th Blog Post)


Tonight marks my 500th BLOG POST !!! I’m going to do something special with novelty apps. I’m going to start with the first novelty app I ever owned, Percolator. What I love about this app is it’s based on coffee. It’s arguably one of the best novelty apps. You have an easy user interface with 1000s of possibilities and Percolator is universal to the iPad. It still runs very stable on iOS 8. If you’re starting with mobile art editing, I highly recommend this app. There’s no in-app purchases with any of TinRocket apps.

Camera Roll-5435

The developer John Balestrieri told me how to change the resolution save settings. The screen shot up above tells you how and it works with all the apps, Percolator, Popsicolor and Waterlogue. I want to thank him and wanted to share the information with you all.

Tangled FX

The next is Tangled FX, it’s makes your photo look like it has an electrified effect. You can adjust on how smooth to how thin you want the strands. You can change the strands to white or black. It’s really a super awesome app with beautiful results. What else that’s great with this app is you get full resolution saves, it’s universal to the iPad and stable on iOS 8.


My favourite painterly app is Glaze. It’s one of the best painterly generated app in the App Store. You pick the painting style within the different paint sections and your photo will be generated into a painting. There are in-app purchases with Glaze to open up more paint packs and a masking tool. This is a very powerful painterly app and saves at 4096 x 4096 max resolution. Glaze is universal to the iPad and runs smoothly on iOS 8.


Etchings is another great novelty app to have in your collection. It’s kind of a lost and forgotten app. This is great and I was part of the beta testing for this app. You can turn your photos into beautiful etchings. It’s very user friendly, universal to the iPad and runs smoothly on iOS 8. The app does have in-app purchases to open up more etching styles. The resolution save is 2048 x 2048.

Photo Tropedelic

Photo Tropedelic is based on Peter Max art. It’s a very colourful and psychedelic on many levels. I really like the many effects, when you use a slider to control the amount of stars, circles and many other effects. The only con to the app is the resolution save of 1200 x 1200. The nice things are it’s universal to the iPad and runs on iOS 8. Overall I still think the app is worth adding to your collection. I still hope for the high resolution update.


Foolproof reminds me of paper mâché and shellacking all rolled into one. Even when you use the app it has a sound effect where you apply the paint on top of your photo. This app is really amazing because I haven’t seen any painterly texture like it. I feel like I always making a mess with my photos using this app but it’s also has a calming effect on me. You gets lots of tool to work with and an amazing 3547 x 3547 resolution save. The only draw back is if you have an iPhone and iPad. You have to buy two separate versions for each device. I have bother versions of Foolproof. The last thing is the app works with iOS 8.


Trimaginator is an app that turns your photo into triangular image. You can start of with big triangles and break them into smaller detailed images. It also reminds me when I took 2D class and had to break down forms into triangles. It was hard and took lots of time. Now I can do this type of art with the tap of a finger on my iPad. The app is universal to the iPad with resolution saves that are high as long as the photos are high resolution photos to start with. I’m hoping for higher resolution saves in the future. The app runs on iOS 8.


Repix is over the top when it comes to novelty editing. You can apply texture, birds, and other great effects. It’s very easy to use, I like the effects and saves at high resolution as long as the photos are at high resolution. That means check your photos and make sure they’re high resolution to being with before using Repix. The app is FREE with in-app purchases and works with iOS 8.


Moku Hanga is an amazing app that was inspired by Japanese method of wood block printing art. The app has a lot of tools and features. It’s really great for creative textures and beautiful images. This is a JixiPix app so you know there’s an iPhone and iPad version. You can get high resolution saves from high resolution photos. The app runs on iOS 8.


The last app I’m going to write about is PixelWakker. This app was brought to my attention by the developer. I tried it out and played with it. I’ve also watch this app grow. It’s one of the best app for what it does. What it does is turn your pixels into Wakker or an interesting mosaic. You take two photos and try to blend and manipulate you photos into an artistic image. You can use the same pictures or two different pictures. The possibilities are endless and you get some cool mobile art. Pixel Wakker saves at high resolution, universal to the iPad, work with iOS 8 and it’s FREE !!!

The app list below are linked to the US App Store and not all app are available in other countries. There are also other apps added to the list to check out besides the 10 that are shown.

Percolator – $2.99
Popsicolor – $2.99
Waterlogue – $2.99
Tangled FX – $1.99
Glaze – FREE with in-app purchases
Etchings – $1.99 with in-app purchases
Photo Tropedelic – $1.99
Foolproof – $1.99
Foolproof HD – $1.99 iPad only
SketchMee 2 – $1.99
SketchMee – $1.99
SketchMee HD – $1.99 iPad only
PaintMee – $1.99
PaintMee HD – $1.99 iPad only
Trimaginator ▲ – $1.99
Repix – FREE with in-app purchase
Sumo Paint HD – $1.99 iPad only
Moku Hanga – $2.99
Moku Hanga HD – $2.99 iPad only
Kyoobik Photo – $1.99
Kyoobik Photo HD – $1.99 iPad only
pixelWakker – FREE

If you have any questions please leave comments or email me ashcroft54@ Have fun and see you soon…



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12 Responses to Combo Apps/Ten Novelty Apps (500th Blog Post)

  1. eucalyptha says:

    Congratulations !!! Hope there are many more blog posts to come . This one was very interesting. Had not heard of some apps and will see if I can get them to try them. Again, congrats!!!!!!

  2. Simon says:

    Congratulations on your 500. Some apps here that I’m going to have to get now.

  3. Chris says:

    Big congrats for reaching this awesome milestone!!! Well deserved…
    Now let’s get to 1k 😉

    P.S.: There’s something wrong with the links. They don’t seem to foreward to the appstore-page (at least not for me…).
    And a tiny, little typo slipped into the Moku Hanga links 😉

  4. Ithalu says:

    congratulation Tina!! Your blog is very interesting. 👌

  5. Darren says:

    Congratulations Tina and thank you !

  6. Nanashi Satori says:

    Congratulations Tina!! So fortunate to have come across your blog … also this has been one of the best posts … I just discovered a few awesome apps that I didn’t know existed … big fan of these type of apps … off to the app store … thanks for all that you do!

  7. Congrats on your 500th post!!! Great blog and great post as always. Have most of the apps you mentioned, but don’t use them much. Glad to be remember of them. Deleted some of them when resetting my iPhone and iPad and never got to install them again. Will do it know. Thanks again!!!

  8. Peg Price says:

    Congrats, Tina! Love your blog. I’ve got quite a few of these novelty apps and I think it’s time to dig them out again and start playing once again. Thanks for reminding us about them them.

  9. lee says:

    congratulations, Tina! great article on these apps, too – thank you!

  10. imapurrson says:

    Congratulations, Tina on your accomplishment of 500 posts! Looking forward to all of your blog posts yet to be. The app lists are blasts from the past. Some of these apps are still on my phone. Thank you, always, for your informative and fun to read blog! Congratulations, once again! 😃

  11. Pablo says:

    Congrats for the 500 post!!!! 👏👏👏👏 i love this blog!!!! And cool post too… I love glaze, PixelWakker, trimaginator and percolator!

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