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One of the best old apps has finally gotten a a long awaited update and works with iOS 8. That is BlurFX by DD Studio, but what I’m going to write about is the iPad version BlurFX for iPad first. I’m really happy they updated the app and got a brand new icon. The other icon was looking really dated. The top photo was edited with BlurFX for iPad.

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For some people this was your first blurring effects app and for others this will be a brand new blurring app. Whatever it is for you, this is one app you should have in your editing app collection. If you tap on the HELP button it will give you a breakdown in three section to explain the tools and operation of the app. You can tap on the NEXT button to take you through each section of the app.

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After you’re done with the HELP section, you can tap on SET button. This is really important you check your resolution saves. You will get a pop up message saying saving at high resolution will take longer to save your photos. It saves pretty quick on my iPad 4 at high resolution saves. I haven’t had any crashes happen yet during a save.

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When you’re doing your blur masking, I highly recommend you turn on the MASK button. The reason is you get the red orange mask on to tell you what you’re masking out in your photo. This can be easier on the eyes and helpful if you’ve missed spots on your photo.

100% Blur FX

These are the three different type if blurs, Motion, Gaussian and Median. These blurs were done with the threshold slider at 100%.

30% Blur FX

These 3 blurred effects were done about 30% on the threshold slider. It’s really important to play with that slider to find the perfect blur setting for you.

Flower Blur FX

What I like about BlurFX are the realistic blurring effects, simple user interface and the full resolution saves. It’s great for people whose learning to master blur masking editing. I love the iPad version because I can see what I’m doing and fine details I may have missed while masking my photo. BlurFX for iPad sells for $.99 in the App Store and iPad only. You can get the iPhone version BlurFX for $.99. I have both versions and with the iPhone 6+ you might want to pick up the iPhone version if you like to do mask editing.

If you have any questions about this blog post please leave comments or email me Have a great evening and see you soon.



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18 Responses to Combo Apps/BlurFX for iPad

  1. eucalyptha says:

    Looks like a great app. Thanks for the blog Tina. It was helpful and interesting as always!!!

  2. creatiwu says:

    wow, I would like to try it! Thanks!

  3. Robert Rozier says:

    Hey there ! Here is my comment for the Blurfx code 😊👍

  4. Simon says:

    I would like to try this please

  5. Trini says:

    Really great blogpost. I’ve been looking for an App like this. I would be so happy to get a code 🙏 Thank you very much in advanced. Creative regards from Norway ☺️

  6. ozkyocs says:

    Another great app. 🙂

  7. imapurrson says:

    I like knowing the info that BlurFX saves at full resolution and is a stable app. Those two things are so important in an app. Thank you, for the review, Tina! I hope you’re doing well! 😃

  8. Danny says:

    Great review. I would love to try it for the IPad.

  9. wstairs says:

    would love to try this!!!

  10. I would like to give this application a try. Thank you Tina

  11. Ithalu says:

    Looks like a great app. Tina 🙂

  12. Lilian Alves says:

    Hi, Tina! Would like to know if in your opinion this is the best blur app I can get nowadays? I was looking for something like that, specially with the motion feature.

  13. Sarah Mitchell says:

    I use this app a lot but my one problem with it is not being able to adjust the size of the brush. It makes it difficult for me to get a clean edge when I am doing the Clear. Any suggestions?

    • ashcroft54 says:

      Hey Sarah,

      How I get clean edges with BlurFX is I go slightly over the edges with the mask of what I want blurred out. That’s how you make clean masks. Make sure you use soft edge when you mask along the area too. I hope this make sense, if not you can email me for detailed info.

      • Sarah Mitchell says:

        Let me see if I understand. When I first open BlurFX I usually click Gaussian Blur. Assume I have a person as the focus and I want the background blurred. I start cleaning the person. Usually I go outside the of the person so then they have like a halo around them. I turn to reblur but it doesn’t always come out clean. What i think you are saying is, stay just inside the person with a soft brush. Is that correct?
        Thanks for your quick reply.

      • ashcroft54 says:

        Yes try going around the person with a soft brush setting and just barely around them. It should work.

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