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You’ve seen the demo on Pixelmator if you watched Apple’s Keynote on the new iPad Air 2 and other details. I thought the app was cool but I also have a ton of editing apps that do pretty much the same thing. Then I was tagged on a conversation on Facebook about Pixelmator with a group of people from the Mobile Arts Community. These are the questions that Meri Walker, “was asking, is Pixelmator worth $4.99 ?” “Does Pixelmator stand up against other powerful editing apps ?” “How stable is Pixelmator with older iPads ?” I’ll answer those questions and a whole lot more on this blog post about Pixelmator.

Before and After with Pixelmator

Here is a before and after edit with Pixelmator. Now if you notice the before photo is very blown out, it also looks like you can really save the photo with editing. The second photo was edited with Pixelmator. As you can see I’ve saved a lot of the blown out details and I made a Color Splash spilt with the photo. It looks pretty good save but I don’t recommend using editing apps to save poorly taken photos. The reason why I used a poorly taken photo for a demo is to show you the true power of Pixelmator.

The question most of you want to know is how well does Pixelmator run on older iPads ? I have an iPad 4 with a 32 bit processor, 1 gig of RAM and running iOS 8.1. Pixelmator ran very smooth, I had no hiccups or crashes when I was editing the photo up above. The app is very stable. People who have iPad 3s, I’m not sure how it runs and I recommend getting the newer iPad that runs iOS 8 so you can use Handoff effectively. Pixelmator is iPad only and runs on iOS 8+.

I’m going to show video tutorial on how to use Pixelmator. We start with a simple Black and White tutorial with Pixelmator.

This is a simple Vintage Effect tutorial.

A very beautiful Bokeh tutorial.

You can even paint from scratch with Pixelmator. I find that amazing to be about to do both paint and edit photos.

Framing with Pixelmator

You can also use Pixelmator’s frame templates. The only CON about using these templates is the resolution save at 1020 x 1360.

All Photos-5628

Now you ca do custom blank canvas for free painting, but the resolution setting is at a high of 2048 x 1536.

All Photos-5629

You have a pretty goof selection of different brushes to markers to erasers. I can see in future updates that this collection will grow, just like resolution saves and frame templates.

Vintage Pixelmator Demo

Now if you do regular photo editing, you will get full resolution saves. Overall Pixelmator is very powerful editing app. In my opinion this app runs circles around Adobe Touch for half the price. It’s stable, runs smoothly and has a very friendly user interface. I recommend using Pixelmator on iPad 4 and up. This is one of the best editing apps I’ve used in 2014 for photo editing. It’s great for beginners to advance mobile photographers/artists. What else makes this app great is there is so many great updates in the future for improvements and new editing tools. Pixelmator sells for $4.99 and iPad only app. Pixelmator is not hype, it’s the real deal for powerful mobile editing.

I want to thank Ausra Meskauskaite and Pixelmator Team for providing me a code to write a review of Pixelmator. If you have any questions please leave comments or email me Have a nice evening and see you soon.



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6 Responses to Combo Apps/Pixelmator

  1. imapurrson says:

    Pixelmator looks very intruiqing! Especially after reading your review about it. I trust your word when it comes to apps. Thank you, as always, for doing what you do, and for doing it so well! Your comparison between the blown out pic and your edited pic is very informative of what Pixelmator can do. Have a nice rest of your evening.

  2. eucalyptha says:

    It was already on my wishlist but now I want it even more. Thank you for this.

  3. It appears to be very nice app, but I’ll follow your advice and buy only when I have my iPad Air in my hands… With my iPad 3 it probably wouldn’t do so great…

    • ashcroft54 says:

      Yeah, because you have to have iOS 8 and it’s not running very well on iPad 3s. When you get an iPad Air 2, you’ll be set for awhile.

      • Lilian Alves says:

        Now the iOS 8.1 is running smoothly on my iPad 3, but it was difficult. I had to delete everything and tried almost 10 times (I’m persistent LOL!) to reset completely and start as a new iPad. As I said I got it right. Now is working fine, but even so I think I’ll wait to buy it. 😉

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