Combo Apps/What Happy Halloween Means To Me Now

First Grade Jack-o-lantern

Halloween hasn’t been my favourite holiday for a long time. The reason was my mom passed away on this day 22 years ago. But this Halloween was different from the rest, maybe because of the Rolfing treatments I’ve had or maybe it’s this pumpkin I carved for Vida’s first class. It was a busy day with Vida getting an award (Simple Acts of Caring and Kindness). Then after the assembly I helped corrected spelling tests and weekly homework packets. I went to the restroom and I saw a table with a pumpkin set up for carving. Ms. Spitzer wanted me to help carve it but first cut the top off and let the kids take turns scooping out the guts. Not all kids get to experience this fun Halloween tradition.

While I was carving the pumpkin, the substitute teacher walked in the class room. It was my old 5th/6th grade teacher, Mrs. Richardson. I was really happy to see her because she was the teacher who taught me that I can do anything if I put my mind to it. She was also the teacher who taught Slingerland Technique, how to break words down by letters and spell them correctly. When Vida and I was leaving to go home, I thanked Mrs. Richardson for teaching me that technique. I told her, “I can spot the kids who struggle so I go out my way to help them with their spelling words and tell them to hear the letter sounds.” She told me, “yes they’re easy to spot and it’s good you help them.” My message is tell your kids if they struggle in school, they’re not stupid or alone. They have a different way of processing information and how they learn things. Make sure you tell your kids this repeatedly because they forget and need positive reinforcement.

The photo above was the pumpkin I carved for Ms. Spitzer’s class. I stuck two mice in and turned the lazer over to light up the Jack-o-lantern. What I enjoyed the most was the kids looking at it and telling me how they liked it. The other great thing was doing the entire pumpkin carving with my right arm and hand. This Jack-o-lantern is also telling me I’m going down the right path in the road to recovery. I finally get what Happy Halloween means to me now…



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One Response to Combo Apps/What Happy Halloween Means To Me Now

  1. imapurrson says:

    Hi Tina,
    I’m so sorry to hear that your mom passed away so many years ago. My very deepest sympathies to you!
    Congratulations to Vida, for her award! She must be very proud.
    You’re very perceptive in your encouragement for teaching children. Some things are hard to grasp. Sometimes all it takes is a kind word, to help one forge through difficult subjects/circumstances. One thing I think is also of utmost importance is to tell children that they’re loved, everyday. Hugs are a must, also.
    Your pumpkin looks really cool. It’s wonderful that you’re using your right hand with more dexterity!
    My favorite Halloween memory is going out with a huge shopping bag and having to go back home to unload it, and then heading back out the door to repeat the process. We used to get full sized candy bars, and gum, also! 😍👌
    Cheers, Denise

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