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Itha Flor Chiquita Tinatype 1

Today, I wanted to write about the newest app TinType by Hipstamatic. People are wondering, what do I really think about this camera app ? Does it hold up as a stand alone camera app ? Is it worth the money because I have the Pak on Hipstamatic ? Is this the future of Hipstamatic Paks ? I’ll answer these questions and a whole lot more in this blog post.

Itha Flor Chiquite TinType 2

So let’s talk about a little history of the TinType HipstaPak, it was originally a HipstaPak that you bought for $.99 as an in-app purchase. It was also one of the more popular Paks that was offered on Hipstamatic HipstaPaks. What you got was two film packs (D-type Plate and C-type Plate) and lens (Tinto 1884). I used the films more than the original lens that came in the Pak. Because that was the beauty of Hipstamatic, the ability to mix and match different combination Paks.

Itha Flor Chiquite TinType 3

Now Hipstamatic has turned the popular TinType HipstaPak into a stand alone camera app with added editing tools and two cropping modes. What else they added is the ability to load your photos from your camera roll instead of taking photos only. You can load or take 4:3 photos and not be stuck with 1:1 square photos only. All three of the top photos were provided by Ithalu Dominguez and taken with the TinType camera app.

All Photos-5569

First we load up the app and it starts with the camera default. If you look at the bottom left hand corner you will see a small thumbnail photo. That’s where you load the photo from your camera roll. You also have the option of turning the camera and take selfies of yourself with the app too.

All Photos-5570

I just loaded a photo from my camera roll and saved the photo because I like the ways it looks.

TinType Demo - 1

Here’s my saved photo from TinType. I get full resolution save at 2448 x 2448 at 1:1 square. When you save them at 4/3 you get 2448 x 3264 for portrait mode and 3264 x 2448 in landscape mode.

All Photos-5571

I’ve loaded a second photo to show you more with TinType. Now if you looked at the bottom row of darken out of the buttons. That’s where your editing tool buttons are at (I think the buttons should be lit up in my opinion).

All Photos-5572

The first button is the ability to change from D-type to C-type films. D-type is monotone and C-type is color film.

All Photos-5573

It’s also the crop tool too. You have two options 1:1 square or 4:3 rectangle.

All Photos-5574

The next button are the Plate Grain and Frame button. You can adjust the plate grain which is the texture on top of the photo. The frame button is to switch frames with D-Taylor film and C-Type it turns the frame on or off.

All Photos-5575

The last and fourth button is the Depth of Field or blur intensity. You can adjust how much photo your want to blurred out of your photo.

The screen shot that’s not show is the third one. It’s the red eye adjustment when you take portraits with TinType or you’ve loaded a photo from the camera roll.

All Photos-5578

Now I wanted to show when you load you photo on Instagram through TinType and it’s a 4/3 photo. Your photo will automatically crop into a 1:1 square photo. It will do auto hash tag, #TinType and #Hipstamatic.

TinType Demo - 2

This is the photo that was edited with TinType and saved in the original 4/3 format.

All Photos-5580

Now when you save your photos you’ve edited from your camera roll. It will ask you if you want to modify your photos. You have to modify your photo in order save your creation. What I don’t like about it is that modification saves on top of your original photo. So you will loose the original photo from your camera roll and you have to search for that saved TinType. In a way you’re forced to take photo from the camera app. I’m hoping that they will change this type of saving because I don’t want to loose my original photos and I don’t want to time scrolling to look for my saved creations.

TinType Demo - 3

It would not surprise me if more HipstaPaks became stand alone camera apps in the near future. Overall the app is worth $.99, TinType does more than the original HipstaPak. You have the option to make some adjustments with your photos. I would like an exposure control because a lot of the photos come out a little on the dark side. Others things that would be nice are better frame options and the choice to turn off the frame completely. I would like to have a tilt shift tool added because most of these old cameras had bellows adjustment. You could also adjust grain glass with old to new large format cameras to make your photo completely sharp to different areas blurred out in your photos. Other than that I really like the app, it gives you the best results in simulating old vintage photos from 100 years ago. I enjoy using TinType and sells for $.99 in the App Store. TinType only work on devices that have iOS 8 and up. So if you have anything below, the app will not load on your iPhone. If you have any questions about this blog post please leave comments or email me I want to thank Mario Estrada for giving me a code. Have a great day and see you soon !!!



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10 Responses to Combo Apps/TinType by Hipstamatic

  1. Nanashi Satori says:

    Thanks for the write up! Thanks for the clarification as well… I was under the impression it was the same thing you’d get from hipstamatic add-on … good to know the stand alone offers more options … the look you get from it looks very cool … Selfie time 😎

  2. imapurrson says:

    Hi Tina,
    Always love to see how your pics come out being edited with new apps! I really like the tintype look. Since I’ve haven’t updated my phone yet, (no space to do so, nor any space on my laptop, either) I’ll be waiting a while on this one. Who knows, by the time I’m ready to update, TinType may go free. Thank you for all of your informative reviews, and honest opinions! You’re very much appreciated! ❤️ I hope you have a very relaxing Sunday. 🌻☀️
    Cheers, Denise

  3. Hi Tina! I was wondering what were you thinking about this app. It’s always good to know. But I’ll still wait or for a good update or for to be free, to compensate. 😉 Great photos! Have a nice day!

  4. rjllane says:

    Hello Tina.

    Thanks for yet another forthright and frank review. I love the TinType look, and I think that this app provides much-needed control over the filter and overlay characteristics of this reproduction. You have convinced me that “I need this”!

    I live in hope that Michael Newton will update his “Tintype” app (from mid-2013 vintage).It also did a lovely job of adding this look to images.

    Are you going to review the other iphoneography app that is stirring up interest this week – Pixelmator?

    … MomentsForZen (RIchard)

    • ashcroft54 says:

      Yeah, I’ll get to the app but I’m waiting for an update to ask for codes. From the looks of the app, I don’t think older devices will work well with Pixelmator. A lot of people are still having problems with iOS 8 on their older devices, I’ll wait and see. Because if this app claims to be powerful, I hope it doesn’t turn out to be like Adobe Touch which was and still is a huge disappointment.

  5. Shruti says:

    Very helpful review! Thanks 🙂

  6. Ithalu says:

    Thank you so much Tina for featured some of my pictures in your blog. And for including my photos in your article.

  7. eucalyptha says:

    This looks great. Thanks for the blog. I was not sure if I should get it but now I do.

  8. Saves on top of the original photo is good enough reason to ignore this application.

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