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Tree Presence - 2

Tonight I’m going to talk about being present and seeing presences. I’ve been trying to understand what it means to live in the now. For me I guess I want to see presences in order to understand living it. What I fail to miss is that “now” is as simple as breathing in and out.

Elephant Presence

When I was a kid horrible things were happening to me and I couldn’t comprehend at the time. So what did I do, I stopped breathing and held everything inside me.

Elephant Presence

As I got older I got heavier but still kept everything inside and not breathing…a friend of mine told me I had a blocked chakra in my throat. She explained to me that I kept stuff inside me. My blocked throat kept me from talking about the deep rooted pain and painful memories. It also stopped me from achieving my goals and being happy. I was always filled with guilt.

Gorilla Presence

About a few weeks ago, I had a really bad argument with my sister with everything going on around us. Then a week later after the argument, I went to pick up Vida from school and walked to therapy together. I walked in with my gorilla posture and talked OT lady name Shelly. We sat and chatted while Vida was colouring her pictures. After we chatted Shelly had me lay on the table and that’s when things started to open up. What she taught me to do is breathe and let go, it was really painful. She explained how tight I was and this could be the cause of me having a stroke. After we were done, Shelly explained when you have bad dreams. It’s because you’re not breathing and you have too much stress built up.

Giraffe Presence

After seeing Shelly a few times, I started to get taller and felt better. My posture was getting better and felt comfortable to sit up straight. Which was really unusual for me but at the same time I felt great inside.

Cheetah Presence

The last session I had with Shelly, she asked me how was I feeling lately. I said I’m starting to feel mindful and aware of myself. Then she explained what she was doing to me and told me to look up Rolfing. Shelly explained that there are two ways to heal your body, talk to a psychiatrist for years or you can Rolf it out. Muscles build up memories and lots of pain was in my muscles from years of adversity and abusive childhood. What Shelly does is painfully but afterwards I feel lighter and happier on the inside.

Tree Presence - 1

In order for me to be present and see presences, I have to let go of my painful past and move on. All that stuff I was carrying was weighing me down and just depressing me a lot. I became super unhealthy, eventually everything caught up with me when I had a stroke almost 6 months ago. I’m extremely lucky that Shelly came into myself and woke up my body and made me breathe again. So I want to share with people who suffer from depression, had a stroke, heart attack, diabetes and other disease/disorders that you’re not alone. I don’t know if Rolfing is a cure or that it’s for you. But it might help you see life and things that happen a little more clearly. It’s painful and make sure you know your limits when attempting this technique. One thing Rolfing has done is brought me to the present so I can see what is going on NOW !!!



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8 Responses to Combo Apps/Presences

  1. CarolynHallYoung says:

    Your thoughts and the images here, are strong and good. It makes me happy that you have found some answers, some relief, and are finding peace, and sence of well being. I am wishing you well on your journey.

  2. Nanashi Satori says:

    I enjoy reading your authentic posts … I wish you the best on your journey … great series of photos … your on the right track! Good luck!!

  3. Pamela Sweda says:

    A most meaningful and poignant post, with compelling images,Tina. I am delighted that these powerful healing practices came into your life and that you have gained a well-deserved relief from embracing them. Most all of us hold past traumas within our bodies and psyches and when introduced to these methods of healing we are often surprised to discover how quickly we experience a profound difference. May you continue to find joy and peace in your new-found methods of relief and well-being. I have no doubt that even the act of sharing this personal account will expand on your healing and will touch others to consider implementing these powerful methods themselves. This post is a gift. Bless you.

  4. Sue says:

    Good for you finally getting some relief….all the best to you and thanks for all you do :))

  5. Wow! I don’t know what to say… Simply loved your post and the series of images in it. Really happy for you! Hoping really hard that you get better and better and your life be happier too.

  6. These are beautiful images, Tina!! And reading about your process while looking at them just made my day. I’ve been Rolfed twice and also had a lot of other kinds of body work. I wouldn’t be alive now without those treatments. Whatever you decide, yes, it’s good to give attention to the unconscious tightness and allow the breath to open it up. Scarey at first… and then it’s better. At least it has been for me. (Not enough to keep me from having both a heart attack and a stroke, but I am having less and less pain and more and more presence the longer I practice. Yoga can be a great help, too. Love to you.

  7. danmblog says:

    This one of those posts where the story is the best part. The images are great too, but I enjoyed the read more than anything! I’m going to research this myself. Very interesting.

  8. imapurrson says:

    Tina, I’m so sorry that you’ve experienced such sadness in your life. Childhood memories should be happy memories. You deserve to be happy. Your pictures speak to me of your inner light coming forth. That the darkness is breaking though to good karma for you. Your having told your story here is a brave thing to do, and I’m so glad that Shelly is helping you to process your pain, your grief and your suffering. My heart goes out to you and I know that you’re a strong lady who can work through whatever needs to be sorted out. Much love to you, Tina! ❤️🌹

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