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You just got done watching a demo of Alayer HD by DeliX Software. I wanted to show off this version because I prefer to edit my photos on the iPad rather than an iPhone.

All Photos-5517

Ok, let’s get started…first you load up Alayer HD. You have two choices, take a photo or load a photo. I’m going to load a photo from my camera roll. When you load or take a photo you have a lot of different editing tools to work with and play with.

All Photos-5518

I just wanted to show you what each section does. First is Effects, second is Textures and third is bringing up the blending modes.

All Photos-5519

The next set are Lens Flare, Light Leaks and Coloring (which look the same as light leaks). You can apply on top of your photos. The screen shot that’s not shown is Gradation but it operates the same way as these other different tools. There is a rotate button where you can rotate the layer on top of your photo.

All Photos-5515

The last part are the editing tools themselves. These are your basic tools to do simple editing but there’s more you can do like mess with the gamma, highlights and shadow details. Sometimes you need those other detail tools for detail editing in areas that seem to get flushed out or blown out. I like having these types of tools because sometimes I tend to blown areas of my photos out.

Now if you pick the wrong effect or layer, there is a back arrow button on the top left hand corner. It’s your redo button.

Alayer HD Demo

Here’s my edited photo done with Alayer, overall I still like the app and with an iPad HD version. Alayer is even better because I prefer to edit photos on my iPad. Alayer HD sells for $.99 and iPad only. What else makes this app AWESOME is there are no in-app purchases. Below there will be an App List of DeliX Software apps.

App List:

Alayer HD – $.99 iPad only
Alayer – $.99
Creatic – FREE with in-app purchases
Areocut – $.99
PhotoNova 2 – $1.99
PhotoNova+ 2 – FREE

If you have an question please leave comments or email me Have a great night and see you soon !!!



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21 Responses to Combo Apps/Alayer HD

  1. Creatiwu says:

    May I try the iPad version? Thank you!

  2. ozkyocs says:

    Seems to be a nice app. It would be great to try the iPhone app. Merci!

  3. Thierry Carpentier says:

    I ‘d love to try an iPhone version !!

  4. imapurrson says:

    Thank you, Tina! I’d love a code for the iPad! 😊

  5. Mongon says:

    Looks like a fantastic replacemt for some of my other “Go-To” apps, as it combines many valuable editing options under one roof–can’t wait to try out this app on my iPad and iPhone!

  6. Joseph says:

    Tina these are awesome tips you give out. My new name on ig is rezurrectme.

  7. finnicle1 says:

    well it sounds even better than mextures or stackables

  8. Ithalu says:

    Sound great.!

  9. Joseulise says:

    This app looks sooo cool. Awesome review!

  10. Bridget says:

    It app look like it will give the other layer apps a run for there money. I kind like it.
    iPhone or iPad, either one I have both. 😊

  11. eucalyptha says:

    Looks like a great app. Love the edit you did

  12. Nanashi Satori says:

    I forgot how good this app is … with so many new apps constantly coming out … this one got buried for me … I love the filters and textures from this app … thanks for the review!

  13. Ez says:

    I would like to try this app!

  14. Mark says:

    Would love an iPhone code 🙂

  15. Bridget says:

    I would love to try Alayer on my new iPhone 6 Plus. Trying new apps to see if there’s a difference in the 6 vs the iPhone 5s.

  16. mrmenellis says:

    i would love one for my iPhone

  17. Trini says:

    Looks interesting. I seem to edit mostly on my ipad too, if you have more codes left, I would be happy to get one for ipad – Thank you ☺️

  18. Flavia says:

    I want it! :)))))

  19. melia says:

    seems i missed a code for the iphone. but thanks for all of your great posts

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