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Creatic is official out in the App Store, that’s video demo for the app. I’ve had the opportunity to beta test Creatic and felt it’s a very polished app of its type. Where other apps of the same type seem to fail on stability and high resolution saves. The shared community seems to work great too. Below is a message from the CEO of Creatic, Loran Dyrmishi.

“It’s a new and easy way to share the creations or to download one from the other people”, said Loran Dyrmishi, CEO of DelixSoftware.”With Creatic you can explore amazing photos and discover great content.The users can get inspired by the other people and photographers.Unlike other apps, it gives the user the possibility to download any creation and to use it on his photo.All the creations can be modified to create infinite unique styles.”

With Creatic you can elevate your simple snapshots while enjoying the benefits of a streamlined photo editing workflow. It is an essential tool that will give users unprecedented control over the aesthetics of their photos.

“Creatic really lets individuals unleash their inner artist”, said Loran. “We’ve included a roster of unique and innovative tools to help the users create the most beautiful photos possible right within the app. We can’t wait to see what amazing images our fans will produce.”

Creatic include more than 120+ Textures and Filters created by photographers.Some of them include effects, light leak, lens flares, gradients and beautiful colorings. The app provides 10 different blending modes. Every new layer you add will create infinity of beautiful and uniques images. All the textures are fully customizable.

“The possibilities with Creatic are unlimited.Add infinity of layers. You have total control over your texture layers. Change the sharpness, unsharp, temperature, shadows, gamma, hue, saturation, exposure, contrast, brightness or the red, green and blue level of your textures layers. You can rotate, change the opacity , hide, move or delete any of the layers. Change the layers at any time. Drag the layers and see in real time the resulted photo.With a streamlined editing workflow you can change and modify any texture of any layers you have added before. And don’t forget to use the Erase Tool for more control over the desire textures. Clean any part of the textures to better fit your images.

Press Kit Creatic Shots

Creatic Features:

* Superimpose infinite photos to create beautiful overlaying images.
* Manual rotation of the textures.
* Linear and Radial Tilt- Shift blur for giving some extra depth of field.
* Vignette and Text
* Color Correction for the last fine-tuning your images,
* Unique Erase Tool: Erase any part of the textures to better fit your images.
* Unique Blur Tool: You can fade any part of the texture while retaining its color.
* Fully customizable textures: Change the sharpness, temperature, shadows, hue, saturation and more of any textures to create infinite variety of images.
* Save the workspace as a Creation on the “Favorites” category.

Macro Edit

Here’s my edited photo done with Creatic. The resolution save is 2048 x 2048, for me that’s pretty high and the app runs stable. You can share your creations on the Creatic Community and look at other creations. Overall this app is awesome and the best part is Creatic is FREE !!! It does have in-app purchases for two filter packs at $.99 per pack. The app is iPhone only. Below are a list of other apps to check out besides Creatic and they’re linked to the U.S. App Store.

App List:

Creatic – FREE with in-app purchases
Alayer – $.99
Alayer for iPad – $.99
Areocut – $.99
Photo Nova 2 – $1.99

If you have any questions please leave comments or email me Have a great day and see you soon !!! Go get CREATIC !!!



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3 Responses to Combo Apps/Creatic

  1. I’ve already used and liked so far!

  2. Nanashi Satori says:

    Downloaded today … l love apps that allow different blending modes … this app looks very promising 😃 … thx!

  3. Pamela Sweda says:

    The image you have created is absolutely mesmerizing… On my way now to the App Store NOW!

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