Combo Apps/Combo Artist Instagram Feature


What I want to share with you are the mobile artist/photographers that have hash tagged their photo #combo_apps. Starting with today’s featured Combo Artist @jenniferherbig1.


Now you’re wondering, how does it work ? How do I get the daily feature ? It’s simple, your photos have to be taken from a mobile devices and edited with 2 or more apps. Mobile devices have to be smartphones/tablets of any brand and platform (iOS, Android OS or Windows). Make sure you hash tag your #combo_apps, then I’ll go through your feed and look for 4 photos I like to be featured. I will not feature people who use point and shoot cameras, DSLRs and edited photos from a desktop/laptop? It has to be mobile devices all across the board. This set of photos comes from @gummidgy.


I’m not picky who I feature, as low my you did the work. I’ve feature some Combo Artists that have done collaborative mobile art work. You can even do minimal editing and try preserve the photograph, like the mobile artist up above @flutterbydragonfly.


I like geometry and symmetry edits, like this set from @apped_as. These catch my eye because I like shapes and forms.


I’m not a fan of selfies but sometime you find that rare gem that knows how to make selfies eye catching or you can’t tell they’re selfies. This mobile artist is one of those people, @@bloodvelvetsmoke.


Some combo artist moderate groups, like @rsa_graphics on Instagram. Here is my one of them @yuri_d_kyulus.


You could say this is my first real showcase of mobile artists. The reason why I’m showcasing these mobile artist from Instagram is huge and vast. Sometimes we all need to be aware that they are mobile photographers and artists out there. I’m trying to do thing differently and open up the community. This Combo Artist @radge7 has range of different photographic styles and his edits are really well done. It’s something we could all learn, even me.


My goal is to show off a wide range of mobile artists of all kinds. This combo artist has a very great range and style of photographs on her feed. @chamnet1 is a very prolific poster on IG, she has over 17,000 posting on her feed. It’s obvious she an artist that’s constantly expressing herself. I’m impressed with energy of constantly creating mobile edits. Some of you may know the artist and some of you may not know the artist. I want to introduce to you someone that might inspire you to go beyond the niche. That’s the way it should be when you showcase people’s artwork. These are just a handful of Combo Artist I’ve featured on @combo_apps. Everyday there will be one different Combo Artist featured. I’m going to make sure I don’t repeat the mobile artist but I’m not perfect. I might even make a comment to hash tag your photo so you can be featured. If you want to be the next Combo Artist to be featured, please hash tag your photos #combo_apps and you could be next. Have a nice evening and see you soon…



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One Response to Combo Apps/Combo Artist Instagram Feature

  1. rjllane says:

    Great idea, Tina. I love the selections that you have made – a really ecletic bunch. Your use of 4 images from each artist gives just enought scope to see the style, without getting too bogged down in a complete portfolio.

    Thank-you for bringing forward these gems for us 🙂 … MomentsForZen

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