Combo Apps/Blur It App List

Filterstorm Demo

Today I did som research on finding out the problems with an old app called BlurFX by DD Studio. I wanted to see if I could email the developers but their website was shut down. What I found out is that BlurFX has been out of commission from the App Store since iOS 7 was released. Another app that’s no longer is around is FocalLab, it’s been completely dropped from the App Store. So I went digging and compiled two blur app lists below. The first list are powerful editing apps that you apply a blue mask on top of your photo. The top photo was edited with Filterstorm where I applied a blur mask on my photo. I blurred everything out except for a few things in the photo.

The only problem with the old Filterstorm is eventually this version will get phased out and eventually we will have to use the Neue version. I don’t care for the Neue version but that’s the way it goes in the app world.

Blur Editing App List:

Filterstorm – $3.99
Filterstorm Neue – $3.99
Paint FX – $2.99
Handy Photo – $1.99
Photogene4 – $2.99
FX Photo Studio – $2.99
FX Photo Studio HD – $3.99 iPad only
PhotoToaster – $2.99
iColorama S – $2.99
iColorama $2.99 iPad
Leonardo – $4.99

Rays Demo

The second list are specialty blur apps. These apps are effective to do only one type of editing. They also do one peri ulnar type of blur edit. They’re not always powerful but they work. You could say they are one trick pony apps. Some have manual tool and controls but they only do one type of editing. The top photo was blurred out with Rays.

Specialty App List:

Big Lens – $.99 with in-app purchases
Bokeh Lens – $.99
Focus Now – $.99
Tadaa SLR – $2.99
AfterFocus – $.99
Effexy – $1.99
Rays – $.99
TiltShift Gen – $.99
TiltShift Generator for iPad – $2.99 iPad only
TiltShift Gen2 – $.99
myFilm SLR-like – $.99
MiniatureCam – $.99
MiniatureCam HD – $.99 iPad only

Now there are other blur editing app out in the App Store, the list of apps are the popular well known ones. If you know of other blur editing app please list them in the comment with the App Store link so people can check them out. Have a great day and see you soon !!!



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5 Responses to Combo Apps/Blur It App List

  1. check out liveDoF, it is my go to app for all things blur 😉

  2. eucalyptha says:

    I have most of these apps. Great blog as usual. Thanks Tina

  3. Nanashi Satori says:

    Cool edits! Thanks for the list … Im still looking for a good blurring app … I am using Leonardo right now for most edits including blur (Gaussian blur … no lens blur) … I’m not totally happy with the blur effect because it has these lines but maybe that is typical of blurs or Gaussian blurs as I haven’t compared to other blurring apps yet … I’ll try some of the apps you’ve listed … as always thank you!

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