Combo Apps/Conflicts In The Universe

Tina_Rice_001_Conflicts In The Universe

I was privately invited along with 300+ mobile artist to compete in a mobile art contest. These are the five images I’ve submitted for Futuro Presente and the theme is “Beyond The Conflict.”

Tina_Rice_002_Conflicts In The Universe

I wanted to share some lessons with you today about what to expect when submitting your mobile art work to shows and contests. It’s always important to stick with theme that’s given and follow the rules when submitting art work. I’ve seen people who do amazing art work but they think they’re the exception to the rule. Rules apply to everyone and your not above the rules. Make sure when you entered into an art contest don’t expect to win. Always think of these shows/contests as a learn experiences and go in it with a great attitude.

Tina_Rice_003_Conflicts In The Universe

When it comes to submitting art work make sure you follow the rules. They have these rules to keep hundreds of applicants organised and no one is a mind reader. Don’t expect these people to know who you are, even if you’re a well known artists. If you’re unsure about entries and themes, contact the group whose holding the show/contest. They will gladly provide you the information needed so you can submit your art work in properly.

Tina_Rice_004_Conflicts In The Universe

If you’re unsure if your art work doesn’t fit these theme, ask your friends and colleagues. Ask them if they see the theme, make sure when you explain your art work. When explaining your art work don’t throw in fancy art vocabulary because 9 times out of 10 no one will get what you’re explaining to them. Don’t make your work complicated, keep it simple and stick to fundamentals. Last show your passion in your art work, people can see when you’re passionate about your work. When you put in your entries try to list your materials or in this case the apps you’ve used and write a brief description of your art work. Don’t write long detailed essay, people who jury the shows don’t have time to read a three page essay on your art work.

Tina_Rice_005_Conflicts In The Universe

Beyond The Conflict is such a broad and abstract theme. I feel conflict goes beyond time, space and out in other planetary worlds. My images are about abstract planetary conflicts off into the distant universe. I hope you enjoy the images.

All the images start from scratch with my iPad 4, they all start with the app Deco Sketch and end with Photo Forge 2 (n/a) for textures. The planets and stars come from Alien Sky. For the painterly effect I used Glaze and layered and blended my images with Leonardo. Three of the images have triangles in them to represent spaceships in battle. The triangles come from an app called Sharps. Two image have Fragment appled in the images. No photos were involved in making these images.



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5 Responses to Combo Apps/Conflicts In The Universe

  1. Great images! Loved it! They are inside the theme in my opinion. 😉

  2. Nanashi Satori says:

    Cool edits! Very imaginative…And I really liked the tips you shared … thank you!

  3. rjllane says:

    You are a marvel of skill, vision and talent. Your images are lovely – the third and fifth are my favorites. Your advice and attitude for entering “competitions” is so well expressed, succinct, and sage. And you are generous for sharing your work, the apps, and the experience. Good luck with it – let us know how (in another post) how you get on.

    But you are a winner already reagardless of the outcome … MomentsForZen (Richard)

    • ashcroft54 says:

      You’re right I’m a winner because I did it and did my best. I saw the entries for the contest. It’s seems people don’t understand rules and they don’t apply to them. It’s not my problem but I wanted to share this information. There are some people who want to try and get their art work shown. I feel it’s important to understand guidelines and follow the rules.

  4. Kimberly says:

    Wonderful post Tina! Thank you so much for sharing all the tips too!

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