Combo Apps/Olloclip for Samsung Galaxy

You just saw a demo of the new Olloclip for Samsung Galaxy S4/S5. I got my hands on the 4-in-1 system for the Galaxy S4 model. Me and a friend played the this clip system. We had some troubles with it but manage to get some photos taken with it.

Olloclip for Samsung

This is how the 4-in-1 system is designed and operates. You have to flip the clip left or right to use the fisheye or wide angle. The clip sits in a “L” formation on the S4/S5. But this design had some set backs and the quality of glass that was used in this design. I don’t know if they were worried if the clip would fall off because of the design or they didn’t think highly of Samsung Galaxy series. I feel if you’re going to make some, you use the same quality all across the board.

Olloclip Samsung Galaxy S4 System

When you get the lens system , this what you get the lens clip, two lens caps and a bigger grey pouch. When I was holding the lens system it felt light and a little cheap. The glass isn’t as heave compared to the iPhone and iPad version 4-in-1 system. The coating on the glass isn’t as visible either.

Wide Angle Olloclip Demo

These are the wide angles photos. They look pretty good but the bottom vignette is a little annoying. You get these shirking photos effect.

10X Macro Demo

The 10x macro came out really great, we had no problems with this lens. In fact it’s the best lens out of the 4.

Fisheye Olloclip Demo

However the fisheye was the most disastrous lens to use. We just couldn’t get clear sharp photos with this lens.

15X Macro Demo

The 15x macro was a little better but you get this bottom vignette, we even tried using the lens in different directions. It still wouldn’t work for us. I’m really disappointed with the Samsung 4-in-1 version. It lacks the quality compared to the iPhone/iPad version. This lens system sells for $69.99, so if you get this system just don’t have high expectations. I was really disappointed on many levels with Olloclip and their claim to quality products. I felt Samsung mobile photographers got the bad end of the stick. They deserve the same quality as the iPhone mobile photographer. If you have any questions please leave comments or email me Have a good evening and see you soon.



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