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October is my favourite month of the year not because of my birthday happens to be on the 8th. It has a lot of special days that mean a lot to me. I wasn’t in the mood to write anything yesterday and kept wondering why the 1st was so important. Well it didn’t hit me until people were doing air things, like deleting emails I sent them to deleting messages. Then it dawned me about someone I knew and the ding dong things she would do. She would make me laugh because of her child like spirit. It was really great talking to her and even if it ended badly. I would still like to talk to her and just remain good friends with her.

The image shown above is an experimentation. I’m also experimenting with some apps to make 5 images for an up coming mobile art contest. I don’t expect to win but being in the show will be a huge benefit for me. The theme is “Beyond the Conflict” a very broad and abstract theme. It reminds me of the times I was talking to that girl. We always had this conflict with each other because we couldn’t get this right. Now that we don’t talk anymore I had some time to reflect on it. We were both at fault, lost in our pride and stubbornness. Sometimes I have to slow down, listen and try not to be right all the time.



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One Response to Combo Apps/October

  1. Nanashi Satori says:

    Oh I see your birthday falls on a special lunar eclipse 😊 … I like the insight you shared from your self reflection … I used to always have to be right as well and have to win in every argument … But now it feels so much better and it makes my life easier when we all can have our own opinion … good luck in the contest!

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