Combo Apps/Guest Tutorial – CJ Egoz

Creation of Color

For this tutorial I wanted to show how to start with nothing and end with a highly detailed, intricate edit. I use Superimpose for a lot of my layering and blending. For those that have not used it before, I highly suggest it. When I reference foreground and background in this tutorial, I am referring to Superimpose. creation of colors *The finished image shown up above.*

CJ Egoz - 2

I bring an all white image into Superimpose, both fore ground and back ground. Using the settings button “upper right” and the filter tab “highlighted” I can change the two layers to any color I choose. I wanted to start building geometric shapes and colors to play off of.

CJ Egoz - 4

Use the transform tab to then place your shapes wherever you feel like. There is no rhyme or reason to what I do, I like to organically go with the flow. After each square of color click the flatten button (top left) and it flattens the two together, so you can add a new foreground. Rinse repeat til you are satisfied with random colors.

CJ Egoz - 1

Add as many colors as you want. Then save to your camera roll.

CJ Egoz - 5

Now let’s hop over to one of my new favorite apps, Matter by Pixite. One of the best features of that app are that the shapes you add to your image can reflect what’s in your image inside of them. See how there are mini versions of our background in the discs?

CJ Egoz - 9

Now let’s bring up the app iColorama S, a tricky to use yet highly detailed app. I can get lost in there for hours. We are going to use the brush section, “artist” brush. Now when you click this your entire pic will go stark white. Do not fret! We are using the abstract brush.

CJ Egoz - 12

Raise your size variation and your color variation, this will ensure that you get a myriad of shapes and colors. The artist brush reacts to your source image and brings it to the front using the style you’ve chosen.

CJ Egoz - 6

This is my favorite part, blending. Go back into superimpose. The background should be the one with our Matter discs. The foreground should be our detailed iColorama S edit.

CJ Egoz - 10

Line them up perfectly (the cross button upper right) then go to the “transform” tab. Hit the upper right settings button, and a choice of blending styles will show up below. We are looking for the “difference” blend. Since our foreground and background are similar colors, the difference blend makes them go inverted. Look at all this crazy colors!!

CJ Egoz - 7

Ok now we are going to the filter tab. Click the background, then the gears button. The last tab is blur. Max out the blur. If you see all our details we made blurring, you may be on the foreground. Make sure to click background before blurring. Now we get to keep the details from iColorama S and add a nice soft element to the piece. Don’t forget to flatten again when you are done.

CJ Egoz - 8

Ok to tie this all back to something less abstract, let’s bring in a silhouette. I googled free silhouettes/stock silhouettes to get some I knew would not be someone’s property.

To extract the silhouette, we are using the mask tab, the color range masking tool, and sliding the threshold to 100 percent. Then by clicking anywhere that’s white, will remove all the white!

CJ Egoz - 11

Switch to the transform tab, move your silhouette to your liking, and voila! You have an intricately detailed, colorful piece from just a white square.

Creation of Color

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you have any questions, I’m an open book.

App List:

Superimpose – $.99
Matter – $1.99
iColorama S –


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