Combo Apps/iOS 8 and The Camera Roll Mess

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Today I got an interesting email from an app developer I would like to share with you all about the missing Camera Roll.

Dear fellow Shutter user,

As you know, Apple released their brand new version of iOS last week. We were informed of this new version back in June and we’ve installed and tested Shutter with each new version that Apple released on a regular basis to its developers.

Unfortunately, Apple decided to do a last minute change to their operating system without informing their developer community. This change has an impact on Shutter, as any app accessing the camera roll are now restrained to the photos taken over the last 30 days. Learn more about this issue here:

We are working hard on a new version to fix this issue and let you upload your older photos and videos from your Camera Roll.

Stay tuned!

The StreamNation Team

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To be honest I hate looking for photos like this, if I liked doing it this way then I would of used it for iOS 7. I feel if enough people complain, there’s a good chance we can get our beloved camera roll back !!!

There are other issues I’m having with iOS 8, Safari, WordPress (app and Safari), Flickr Stackr and that’s just to name a few of the issues and lags. I’m not a fan of iOS 8 and it’s pretty much as bad as Windows Vista.



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18 Responses to Combo Apps/iOS 8 and The Camera Roll Mess

  1. Andrea Davis says:

    I have yet to update as I have a 4s and heard it’s doesn’t work well.

    I’ve also heard complaints about changes to the camera roll and I hope they fix it.

  2. Delusional Artist says:

    I really regret updating my phone to 8. I wish it was easier to downgrade back to 7.

    • ashcroft54 says:

      This is why I don’t write blog posts about what’s happening with Apple anything until it comes out. You can’t predict anything correctly with Apple. You put your reputation on the line and you get a good slap in the face for it.

  3. Apple really didn’t consider how users access their images when they made this change. Hoping all the app developers can play catch up.

    • ashcroft54 says:

      I agree with you and this is a huge mess up on Apple.

    • rjllane says:

      Spot on – The Camera Roll was such a simple and effective way of organizing a chronological list of photos / images. I am having fun trying to visualize the person(s) in Apple who thought that this was an improvement 😉

      I also miss the Map option for showing geographically where the photos were taken. Have I overlooked something, or has it gone altogether?

      … MomentsForZen

  4. eucalyptha says:

    I did not update my phone yet but did update my iPad and I honestly can say that iOS 8 sucks big time especially the camera roll. Why do they always feel the need to change something that works great into a piece of ……….

  5. Ithalu says:

    Now I know why I can’t see my pictures.

  6. Jiri says:

    Photos you take with your iPhone: any photo you now take with your iPhone will go in the Photos tab, under Collections and Moments. Moments are your photos organized by date and time they were taken, as well as location if available. Try to think of it as the new and improved Camera Roll. Additionally, photos you take with your iPhone will go in the Albums tab, under Recently Added where they will remain for 30 days.

    Photos from your Photostream: the Photostream as we knew it doesn’t exist anymore. Now photos you take from a different device (ie. from your iPad) will go under the Recently Added album, and will also be added in the Photos tab, under Collections and Moments, along with other photos you’ve taken with your iPhone. The fact that there isn’t a specific Photostream album anymore can be confusing to some.

    – iOS 8’s Photos app uses two types of special albums: “Recently Added” and “Recently Deleted”.
    – “Recently Added” holds the photos and videos taken in the last 30 days
    – “Recently Deleted” acts as a temporary warehouse for the recently deleted photos and videos.
    – Once a photo or video is more than 30 days old, it’s only available under Photos > Collections, not in the “Recently Deleted” album.
    – You can manually remove any item in the “Recently Deleted” album

    “…if the photo has a heart icon it is local image (stored on the device, if not then it’s in the cloud)…”


    iPhoto and Aperture don’t have edits to photos you import from iOS 8 devices

    You can edit your photos on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod in the Photos app on iOS 8. However, when you import photos you’ve edited to your Mac using iPhoto, Aperture, or Image Capture, the edits you made aren’t imported.


    This is expected behaviour. Only unedited originals will import to your Mac. As an alternative, you can share images you’ve edited from Photos via email. Once you tap Send to send the email, you’ll be asked what size you’d like to send the photos as. Be sure to choose Actual Size in order to retain the full size image.

    Note that photos you share will have all iOS 8 image adjustments applied.

    This is unfortunately true about the photos edited by Fragment app, even the ones edited directly in the app (not via the Photos). The only way to get it to Mac is to use PhotoSync (or similar app).

    • ashcroft54 says:

      I think you’re missing the point in the blog post. This isn’t an improved system. If it was a great system I would of used the system on iOS 7. The fact Apple didn’t let developers know about this change was bad. By the way Aperture doesn’t exist anymore and not everyone uses a Mac.

      • Jiri says:

        Sorry, it was for information only, quoted from other sources,. I never said it is an improved system. I struggle with it myself.
        And I added the info/warning about the importing on top of it; it seems to apply to both Macs and Windows computers. Emailing photos to yourself or using some other app to get the edited copy to your computer when in iOS 7 it worked just fine.
        BTW, the Aperture still exists and will be supported in Yosemite as well.



      • ashcroft54 says:

        But they stopped making Aperture because everyone uses Lightroom.

      • Jiri says:

        Well, you are misinformed:

        And the import problem applies to LR as well, that’s where I saw it first.

        Anyway, since you were writing about the iOS 8, I just wanted to share some info that I discovered while researching my problem. I thought some people reading this blog, and perhaps even you, might find it helpful. After all, sharing is caring, right? :-). That’s all.

      • ashcroft54 says:

        Again, you’re not considering people that use Chrome Books and Linux. Not everyone uses software with their mobile photos. Not everyone is going to email their photos either, especially when your have 5000 to 12000 photos to go through. Telling people to do these long drawn out detailed attempts to get photos off the photo library isn’t gong to help anyone either. Even I don’t use a laptop or desktop anymore. This is a mobile world with lots of different operating systems. That long comment you posted I think I read 2 paragraphs. I have A.D.D. and get lost with too much information. I suggests you make your own blog post and post pictures with whatever the hell you’re talking about. We live in a world where no one wants to read all of that stuff. You need to get to the point !!! By the way no one uses Aperture, maybe you do and that’s fine but you need to be consider that everyone else uses Lightroom !!!

      • Jiri says:

        I see I totally wasted my time. Oh, and I do use LR

      • ashcroft54 says:

        I just want you to think about everything you wrote. Now do you honestly see people trying to do all that stuff you wrote out ? It’s very intimidating and overwhelming.

  7. rjllane says:

    Hello Tina. Thanks for posting the links to the other articles – they helped explain to me what was going on with …
    – Recently Added”(i.e., 30-day “Camera Roll”)
    – Recently Deleted (i.e., 30-day trash can of deleted photos)
    I have trouble with “Collections and Moments” when it comes to my workflows – the Camera Roll fitted with this workflow very nicely. I also have this funny feeling that “Collections and Moments” does not or will not have EVERY photo – Do you know whether it does, or whether it tries to do something smart (like Burst Mode) and select only what it thinks is the best photo from a group?

    I also use FlickStackr and it seems not to be able to scroll in iOS 8 – I look forward to an update for this app – it is important in my workflow, again. I put this app in a special folder (“iOS Casualties”), along with many others, until an update is received 🙂

    … MomentsForZen

    PS. I do all my work on iPhone and iPad (apart from backup), so I care deeply about the workflow on these that has been upset by iOS. Would I be right in guessing, Jiri, that the iOS platform is of lesser importance, and that your main operations are in Lightroom?

    PPS. Does anyone have a good explanation, or a link to one, that explains what the “heart” tag REALLY does? I have been using it a bit to rate the better shots when I take many of the same subject (e.g., when doing macro shots of a subject).

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