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CamBlast Flower Demo

The same developers that made 1967 gave me a code to tryout CamBlast. I’m going to explore this app and share a mini edit tutorial with CamBlast’s frames. The top photo was edited with CamBlast.

Camera Roll-5057

We load up the photo and you have your options to make a square crop. CamBlast is a square format only app, so if you have 4:3 photos you have to crop the photo.

Camera Roll-5070

These are your editing tools, filters, text, frames and basic edit settings. The arrow on the top centre pulls down more features, back to the start, restore original image and save/share your creations.

Camera Roll-5067

I’m going to show you the filters. What this has is a favourites folder first. The next folders are textures, light leaks and bokehs. These folders are chalk filled with a lot of different textures, dust/scratches, light leak and bokehs.

Camera Roll-5064

You can pile layers on top of each other but there is no blending modes. Just simple layers and opacity slider. You can add text to your photo. Last are the frames, these aren’t your normal frames either. There’s a huge selection is these frames, after you apply them on top you can change the colours. There is an opacity slider on the side of the frames. What I like about the frames is you can be really creative with them and move them around the photo.

Camera Roll-5062

When you’re don’t editing, you can save your photo or load them up to the follow social media sites, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. You can RATE the app too. If you tap on the “i” on the bottom left hand corner…

Camera Roll-5063

I made it big so you could read it.

CamBlast Macro Demo

This is my finished edited photo with CamBlast. Your photos will save at full resolution which is 2448 x 2448.

How to make a splattered heart.

Now I wanted to show what I was talking about the frames with CamBlast. I broke this down into 4 parts.

1. I start with a normal photo of a bougainvillea hedge.

2. I use one of the frames from CamBlast.

3. I used Glaze.

4. and make different types of paint edits with Glaze.

My broken heart splatter...

Then I layered them with DXP along with the original framed photo. After I’m done with DXP, I use Snapseed to bring out the details. What you is “My broken heart splatter…”

As times moves on my heart is slowly turning like this...

Then I added TangledFX and layered them together with DXP. This is called “As time moves on my heart is slowly turning like this…”

App List:

CamBlast – $1.99
CamBlast+ – FREE with in-app purchases
Glaze – FREE with in-app purchases
Snapseed – FREE
TangledFX – $1.99
1967 – FREE with in-app purchases

Overall CamBlast is a great editing app, simple to use with very nice editing results. I highly recommend this app along with 1967. You can’t go wrong with either of these apps. CamBlast is an iPhone only app but you can load it on your iPad. If you have any questions please leave comments or email me Have a great evening and see you soon !!!



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11 Responses to Combo Apps/CamBlast

  1. Carlos Velazquez says:

    Maybe like a retrolux effect with a bit of glow..interesting

  2. wstairs says:

    looks interesting 👍😄

  3. Ithalu says:

    Great! Thank you Tina. Love your blog! 😀

  4. melia says:

    looks like a fun new app. I’d love to try it

  5. danmblog says:

    Looks like a cool app to try. I’ll put it on my list!

  6. Delusional Artist says:

    I wouldn’t mind giving it a shot if you get an code.

  7. Kimberly says:

    This looks wonderful! Thanks you for reviewing it!

  8. Kati ballasy says:

    I’m really having issues using these apps any suggestions?

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