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Universal Everything plays with technology to invent new forms of design and moving image.

They brought you the app Polyfauna with the music video and interactive app from Radiohead. Now you’re wonder what this blog post is about, why are we seeing videos and a Radiohead app ? Well I came across a few other apps made by Universal Everything. So I wanted to share these apps with you all because they’re pretty cool.

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Drawing is the foundation upon which Universal Everything’s work is built and a fundamental part of the studio’s creative process. In an effort to bring the drawn line back into their tech-driven process, and to facilitate the creation and sharing of ideas among a distributed group of collaborators, the studio created Loop, a simple and easy-to-use animation app for the iPad.

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A spartan UI removes the clutter to position the drawn line front and center. Users create sketches in one of three colors–black, red, or blue–and have an equally limited set of features to choose from: duplicating a frame, onion skinning, importing a guide movie to trace over, and erasing or deleting a frame. The end result is a looped animation compressed into a GIF for easy sharing and viewing.

Together is a collaboration between Universal Everything and the audience, bringing together two fundamental parts of the studio’s process: drawing and rule-based creation. The work explores the notion that every person conceives a unique response to the same challenge.

A bespoke web app presents the audience with a limited shape and colour palette, encouraging them to create short animated loops in response – as simple as drawing on paper. The minimal toolset enables the audience to duplicate a frame, onion skin, trace over a guide frame, and erase or delete a frame.

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Audience-created contributions will be shown in a gallery of multiple works looping concurrently, creating a wall of individual animations that are a collective response to the aesthetics and rule-based limitations presented to them.

This work continues the studio’s exploration into methods of generative design. Their role as artists is to define the instructional ‘seed’ which ‘grows’ infinite visual variations often using custom software, and now through the engagement with the public as creators of the outcome.

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The results are a compelling consequence of the unpredictability of the human touch, revealing the inventiveness and diversity with which we work with limited resources.

The artwork launches with a collection of animations created by Universal Everything, which, over time, is mixed with audience contributions forming an ongoing dialogue between studio and public.

Contribute to the project at

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1000 Hands is a downloadable mobile app that invites the audience to contribute line drawings to a collective, evolving digital work of art. The touchscreen interaction brings users’ fingertip drawings to life, with Universal Everything extending the gestures into dancing, poetic musical forms. Together, the submitted drawings combine to form a harmonious chorus celebrating the living drawn line.

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Commissioned for Media Space London’s inaugural exhibition, 1000 Hands reverberates with life and dynamism and was conceived as the heartbeat of the exhibition, inviting the public to take part in co-creating the works of art on display.

The drawing app itself is full of surprises for users to discover. Drawing specific shapes reveals hidden forms, behaviours and appearances. Using shape recognition, the artwork has an acute awareness and response to user input that builds on Universal Everything’s ongoing exploration of synesthesia.

App List:

Polyfauna – FREE
Polyfauna for Android – FREE
Loop for iPhone – FREE with in-app purchase
Loop HD – $.99
Drawn Together – FREE
1000 Hands – FREE

I’ll Be Strong is all about motivation, struggling and surviving. A relentless storm of pop-digital weather bombards a group of animals, who are relentlessly dashing towards their goal – a distant volcano emitting the hook of the song. The story is represented only through the visualisation of the invisible wind, revealing the animals with a graphic intensity.

The video was made using procedural 3D software (Houdini), to simulate and visualise the physics of a hurricane of wind and debris bombarding the animals. Only this visualisation of invisible wind moving through space reveals the story unfolding.

If you have any questions about these apps, leave comment or email me Have a great evening and see you soon !!!


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