Combo Apps/Cubism with Slice and Blends

Cubism Demo

While I was looking for Glitch type app, I came across this app called Cubism. The app intrigued me along with the reviews. What this app does is slice and dice your photos with random squares and rectangles with a slight 3D effect to them. The photos look on the mosaic side but not really. It’s a very interesting effect to the point it’s almost glitchy, like the photo shown up above.

Camera Roll-3095

This will be the demo photo I’ll be using with Cubism.

Recently Added-282

The app is really simple to operate, all you have to is load up you photo or take a picture ob the two button in the left hand lower corner. Your photo will start with a random cubing.

Recently Added-284

Then you can keep tapping the arrow circle button. This will add and change the cube formation. If you tap on the magic wand, this will start the cube slices all over again.

Recently Added-285

Or you can keep tapping on the circle arrow button and see how far you want to go with the cubes.

Cubism Collage

Here’s a college of some samples I made with Cubism. They look pretty cool and I really like the results from this app.

Cubism Demo 2

This is another demo I did with slicing and dicing up with Cubism. As you can see the photo starts to turn into a mosaic glitchy image. It’s a fun app to make creative backgrounds for all the people like to mask layers together. The possibilities are endless with this app. Cubism is universal to the iPad and sell for $1.99 at the App Store.

Blend and Flip

Now I wanted to share an extra treat about other apps that do basic slices, dices and blendings. This edit was done with Blend and Flip. They are both really simple and creative apps. Sometimes I’ll use them when I’m stuck or looking to do something different with my editing. Each of these apps are $.99.

App List:

Cubism – $1.99
Duomatic – $.99
ChipPhoto – $.99
Layover – $.99
Piecefoto – $1.99 with in-app purchases
GridFilter – $3.99
MultiExpo Pro – $1.99

These are other apps to check out if you want to add to your collection for creative exploring in mobile editing. If you have any questions about this blog post please leave comments or email me Have a great rest of the day and see you soon !!!



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3 Responses to Combo Apps/Cubism with Slice and Blends

  1. eucalyptha says:

    Great blog Tina. Thanks for the tips!!!

  2. Delusional Artist says:

    Great write up. It seems like a neat concept, but I can’t see it being an app that would be used a lot.

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