Combo Apps/Making Images from Scratch

Brain Effected

There are ways to make an images with limited to no photographs in your creation. I’ve been working on creative ways to explore with this type of editing with all of the Regenerative Art Apps I’ve acquainted and the Novelty Apps that let you work with a blank canvas or screen. The top image has no photograph in the image. I used a number of apps and played around with them. I ended up with the top images about how I felt after having a stroke.

Brain Effected: A part of my brain went like this and my thoughts are all over the place. I’m hoping my thoughts will reach out out to the people I care the most and bring back my missing pieces.

Before and After Glaze

I begin with an app called Sharps. It’s an app where you move these arrows around the screen with your finger. You can get it free, universal to the iPad and you can take screen shots of the arrows moving around the screen. It’s really therapeutic and calms me down a lot.

After I take the screen shot I’ll crop the app with Diptic to make it a square and cut off the screen header from the iPad. You can use other collage apps to crop your photos like PicFrame.

After I crop the image then I put it through Glaze and save it, like shown in the second image.

Glaze Edits

Another app I recently discovered is Fluid dynamics, it’s free and universal to the iPad. If you guess right, I did the same type of process as The Sharps Demo but I did two Glaze paint edits.

Camera Roll-5194

What I like to do is pile and blend layers together and get an interesting textures from using Glaze and the original art work. I’m starting to use Leonardo again because I have to look for a replacement for PhotoForge 2. You can’t get PhotoForge 2 anymore and I’m not sure if the app will work with up coming iOS 8.

Camera Roll-5195

As you can see I can switch the layers around really easily with Leonardo, by touching the image and move it up or down.

Arrows Added In

Now I added in the Sharps Glaze Arrows into my image with Leonardo and saved my creation.

Humdrum Universe

After I’m done then I finish off my image with Alien Sky. What I love about Alien Sky are the choices with planets, asteroids and other great things in the universe. It’s one of my favourite apps in making my images out of this world.

Before and After Glaze with Serene HD

Another app I like to play with is called Serene HD, this is the iPad version and you can get the iPhone version called Serene. Each of the versions are $.99 and I bought them a long time ago.

You noticed in the second and third image I put them through Glaze in two different paint modes.

Layered with Leonardo and Cropped with Diptic

Now after I did my thing with Leonardo and cropped it with Diptic. This is my Serene/Glaze layered image in to a square.

Vida's Conflictions

Here I added Vida in the image from Juxtaposer, I have saved Vida as a stamp do I can due her for later edits. I also used a little Snapseed and VintageScene HD to get the final results.

App List:

Sharps – FREE
Glaze – FREE with in-app purchases.
Fluid dynamics – FREE with in app purchase
Diptic – $.99 with in-app purchases
PicFrame – $.99
Leonardo – $4.99
Alien Sky – $2.99
Serene – $.99
Serene HD – $.99
Juxtaposer – $2.99
Snapseed – FREE
Vintage Scene – $1.99
Vintage Scene HD – $1.99

You can do just about anything in your mind with a combination of apps. Just don’t limit yourself and always express yourself !!! If you have any questions about this blog post, please leave comments or email me Have a great evening and see you soon !!!



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3 Responses to Combo Apps/Making Images from Scratch

  1. Denise says:

    Such creative thinking! These are very cool images you’ve created from scratch. Not everyone appreciates that, but I’m impressed! That first image is fantastic! Hope you’re doing well.

  2. Kim says:

    Hi Tina,

    This is an awesome walk through process! It’s nice to create from scratch. Sometimes staring at a white/black/textured canvas can really bring about very creative work. Thank you for sharing! 😃

  3. Nanashi Satori says:

    Thanks Tina!… Discovered a few new apps to try from your post … I am a huge fan of Leonardo … I’ve used laminar and ps touch along with a couple other layering apps and for my purposes nothing comes close to Leonardo … After purchasing Leonardo I deleted so many apps … The layer/masking capabilities is amazing! My best and favourite app is Leonardo … Totally worth every penny (if you are into layers and mask … Not so much if you like quick 1 touch filter edits)

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