Combo Apps/San Altos Picnic BBQ

San Altos - 5

Today I went with Vida’s school Picnic/BBQ at San Altos. This is her best friend Capri. They sat by each other in kindergarten last year. Now they’re in the same class but sit at different tables. I think Capri was a little sad she wasn’t sitting by Vida but they still play with each other.

San Altos - 6

This is Markus and he’s was in Vida’s kindergarten class last. But this year he’s in another class but still plays with Vida and the rest of the crew. He wanted me to a photo of him jumping on the monkey bars and fall off at the same time. He’s such a character.

San Altos - 7

Here’s Vida, she fell off the monkey bars and landed on the sand.

San Altos - 8

Here’s Heatherlynn another one of Vida’s classmates in her class. She sit with Carpi at the same table. Heatherlynn is a “ham” for the camera and the biggest monkey on the bars.

San Altos - 9

Now we have Jayden, the cutie in the class. He’s alway smiling and showing off his dimples. He’s loves climbing all over the rings and monkey bars. It’s really amazing to watch him climb across effortlessly back and fourth on the rings and bars.

San Altos - 11

Here’s Heatherlynn and Carpi hanging out at the bars, while I take pictures of them.

San Altos - 12

Heatherlynn has a lot og hand blisters from being on the bars so much. Capri is just climbing along and having fun.

San Altos - 15

Capri and Jayden are having a chat on whose blisters are worse and going over each other’s war wounds. They’ve been doing this since they were 4 years old, so they’re hands are pretty rough and full of blisters. I’m just amazed on how they just keep at it regardless of how much it hurts. They just shake it off and keep going…

San Altos - 17

Here’s Jayden, going through the bars like he’s a natural gymnast. I just like watching him go go go….

San Altos - 18

Last is Vida and help with Heatherlynn’s mom. Vida is having a great time with her friends and all of the activities. It was great fun with great memories and Vida should sleep well tonight. You can check out the rest of the set of photos by clicking HERE>HERE<. I hope you have a good evening and see you soon…

*All photos were taken with Hipstamatic, lens Loftus and film Blancko C16.*



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